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 Annie Fetter
Annie Fetter has a passion for math and education. She also has the good fortune to have a career that allows her to pursue that passion daily.

After helping launch the Geometry Forum, the precursor to today's Math Forum, Annie started the Geometry Problem of the Week in 1993, which has, through the worldwide scope of the Internet, grown into a global classroom where students share ideas on geometry and its applications, develop analytical thinking skills, and learn to express themselves clearly in written form. It is believed to be the longest-running interactive student project on the Internet, and even predates the World Wide Web (yes, there was an Internet before the Web).

In addition to handling the administrative tasks of the Problem of the Week, Annie often travels and visits schools, putting faces to the names of her Internet students, running workshops on technology in the classroom, guest-teaching, and just simply sharing her infectious energy about math and education with everyone she meets. She's also closely involved in the Forum's professional development efforts.

After graduating from Swarthmore College in 1988 with degrees in math and music (though she earned more varsity letters than she did credits in either of those subjects) and a secondary math teaching certificate, Annie started down the trail of math education working with Professor Gene Klotz as part of the Visual Geometry Project, producing instructional workbooks and video tapes. At the same time, a college classmate of hers, Nick Jackiw, was developing software called the Geometer's Sketchpad, and Annie got interested in the project. Today she does teacher workshops on Sketchpad for Key Curriculum Press, which affords even more opportunity to travel to schools and generate enthusiasm for math and technology in education.

She's an author of three workbooks published by Key Curriculum Press (The Stella Octangula, The Platonic Solids, and Three-Dimensional Symmetry), has written a number of Sketchpad resources, and once received an acknowledgement for technical assistance in a published physics paper for providing the three-dimensional coordinates of the vertices of a soccer ball.


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