Teacher: I do with that? In my calculation, it says: "take the item right there,
Teacher: divide it pi, and then divide it by two.
Teacher: I chose to divide it by two pi, at the same time.
Teacher: I used a little bit longer number than you did, but that's okay.
Teacher: And then what did I do?
Teacher: How did you get the final volume? How did you get this number right here?
Student1: width times... squaring it... and then by squaring the...
Teacher: yeah, to find that value, what I chose to do,
Teacher: was to take pi times c2, which is that number right there, like 5.09,
Teacher: times c2 again, that's my pi r squared, times a2, which is my height.
Teacher: This is my first answer, 81.5,
Teacher: and... did anyone get 81.5 or something close to that?