Student : 18.
Teacher : it's 18. And my height is what, then? What's my new height? Yeah:
Student : 12.
Teacher : 12 inches. And so what's my area? What's my new area?
Student : um,
Teacher : New are...yeah?
Student : 18...
Teacher : no, I want the area. That's 12 times the... Stu1?
Student : 216.
Teacher : 216. Okay, those are the same area. Hopefully,
Teacher : somebody can tell me why they're the same area.
Teacher : Why the same area of paper encloses this. Stu1?
Student : Because it's the same piece of paper, it's folded differently.
Student1: I know, I know!
Teacher : Same piece of paper, it's folded differently. Now, how many of you...