Teacher: Okay, well here's another question for you, then.
Teacher: I've only got two cylinders here, but in order to truly figure out
Teacher: what the effect of the height versus the radius would be, do you think, perhaps
Teacher: that we could take those same pieces of paper and generate other cylinders
Teacher: that had the same area?
Student: Yeah
Teacher: How could I do that? How could I take a piece of paper --
Teacher: I've got a lot of paper here, so we're not going to cut all of it up just yet, but...
Teacher: Thank you. Thank you. What if I took it, and I said to myself, okay,
Teacher: here I've got one that's 12 inches tall and 18 inches around,
Teacher: here I've got one that's 18 inches tall and how many inches around?
Student: Twelve.
Teacher: Twelve, and what if I decided to take this and fold it down the middle --
it's close to the middle -- what if I cut it up?