Teacher: So, the relationship, and here it's between...
Student : Radius and height.
Teacher: Radius and height, so you can see the relationship here, right, which is what?
Teacher: Ben, what's the relationship here?
Student1: The relationship between height and... between the radius and the height.
Teacher: What is the relationship?
Teacher: Well, we said you made a graph to show the relationship,
Teacher: so everyone should be able to tell us the relationship. Stu2?
Student2: As the radius increases, the height decreases.
Teacher: As the radius increases, the height decreases.
Teacher: So by now, you should know that that is correct, but not enough information,
Teacher: because that could mean it's linear, right? So, if you say as the radius increases
Teacher: the height decreases, that could be linear, and we know that this isn't linear.
Teacher: So, how could you give more information for that? Stu3?
Student3: It's an inverse relationship.
Teacher: It's not an inverse relationship, necessarily. Okay?
Teacher: You need some more information to make it inverse. It might be inverse.
Teacher: What can you say by looking at that? As the radius increases,
Teacher: how do you know its not linear? Stu4?
Student4: Because when the radius increases, it increases by a constant rate,
Student4: and when the height decreases, it doesn't decrease by a constant rate.
Teacher: Okay, a little more information.
Teacher: I'm still not getting a really good description of this graph. Stu5?
Student5: Well, I don't know how to explain this, but it goes down faster in the beginning,
Student5: then it levels off.
Teacher: Okay, so as the radius increases, the height...
Student5: Decreases.
Teacher: Decreases how, Stu5? You said it beautifully.
Student5: Faster in the beginning, then it levels off at the end.
Teacher: Exactly. Now, because they chose a scale that only went up to six,
Teacher: what are you limited as far as using this graph?
Teacher: And I think Stu3 referred to it earlier. How does this limit you
Teacher: since the radius only goes up to six? Stu6?
Student6: You can't see how it continues on?
Teacher: Exactly. If you only go up to the limit that you have, you can't really see any more.
Teacher: And so you might want to go a little beyond where you're assigned, so you can check it out.