Teacher: Well, that probably answers the next question, too. All right?
Student2: Yeah, if you get down to point-zero-two, or something...
Teacher: But what I did is I graphed it on my calculator, and looked at the graph
Student2: If it looked like it would get really close and be one of those ones...
Teacher: I have a question, and this is probably more than I should give you.
Teacher: But, what if we graphed the volume function?
Teacher: If i'm telling you the volume function, so, volume is what, 2-pi-r.
Teacher: No, it's pi-r-squared-h, right? I can only have one letter.
Teacher: Is there a way you can get that with an r in it? Instead of using h?
Student1: No.
Teacher: Oh, I think there may be. Here's your ... and it's 93.5 and this is 2-y-r and this is h.
Student1: Well, you can divide this...