Teacher: Now, have you thought about a cylinder lately?
Teacher: What parts are made of it?
Teacher: If I make a cylinder out of a sheet of paper, how big is it?
Teacher: How big is a sheet of paper?
Student: 8 1/2 by 11
Teacher: All right, so if I roll it up can you figure out what parts are which,
Teacher: like, what's the height of the cylinder?
Student: 8 1/2...
Teacher: 'k. Do you know the formula for volume?
Teacher: I will give it to you, but do you know what it is?
Student: Base times height...
Teacher: Yeah, area of the base times the height let's see, so the volume is height squared h...
Teacher: So, where is r in this thing?
Teacher: I think that's something you're going to need to think about.
Teacher: What's this part of the cylinder?
Student: Circumference.
Teacher: And the circumference is what?
Student: hmm... right
Teacher: So let's think about this.