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Jody Underwood       [Biography]

I've enjoyed working with all the teachers on this project. I've made some bonds with people that I look forward to continuing to develop. I think we've done a good job of weaving research and practice, as we like to call it, in that the researchers brought what they knew about and the teachers brought what they knew about, and I think we've learned a lot from each other. Of course, I can only speak for myself, so...

From a researcher perspective: Visiting the classes, viewing the videos, and talking to the teachers keeps me aware of what actually happens in classrooms, what the problems are, what might work for them as solutions, etc. As long as I am doing work in education, I plan to keep relationships like this going in order to keep my feet on the ground.

From a technological/community perspective: This group met a few times in person, and twice in Tapped In, but most of our work was done over email and in discussion groups. While we accomplished what we set out to do (this videopaper), most of our productive work as a group was done in our face-to-face meetings. Our email discussions were not nearly as productive. This makes me wonder what we can do to improve the process. The reality of this situation is that while the Math Forum staff is always on-line, some of the teachers do not regularly read their email, and some people have a harder time responding to things in writing than in person. What is it about face-to-face meetings that work better? Can we create an on-line environment where people like these teachers will feel comfortable and where they will want to come?



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