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15 August 1996

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  1. For more information on the accomplishments of the Geometry Forum see: Renninger, K. A., Weimar, S. A., & Klotz, E. A. (in press). Teachers and students investigating and communicating about geometry: The Math Forum. In R. Lehrer and D. Chazen (Eds.) Designing Learning Environments for Developing Understanding of Geometry and Space. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Other Publications: Klotz, Gene & Weimar, Steve, Math on the World Wide Web, MAA Horizons, April, 1995, pp. 6, 7; Klotz, Eugene, "Visualization in Geometry: A Case Study of a Multimedia Mathematics Education Project," in Visualization in Teaching and Learning Mathematics, Zimmermann, Walter, & Cunningham, Steve, editors, Mathematical Association of America, 1991, pp. 95-104; Klotz, Gene, The Geometry Forum, in Notices of the American Mathematical Society, October, 1993.

  2. Forum Awards: /forum.awards.html

  3. Forum Workshops: /workshops

  4. These Web pages can all be found at /mathed/mathed.confs.html

  5. National School Network (BBN): /workshops/nsn96/ and

  6. Forum Teacher Associates: /workshops/sum96/

  7. DIMACS:

  8. Park City Mathematics Institute: and /pcmi/hstp96.html

  9. Woodrow Wilson:

  10. For some time the Math Forum has hosted the mailing list NCTM-L, whose avowed purpose is to discuss the Standards, and which sometimes remains sufficiently focused to have good discussions. One element of improving public forums is to seed them with prepared materials as Ron Ward has done from time-to-time on NCTM-L. We plan to collect these discussions and archive them for easy access on a Standards Discussions page along with other substantive articles and discussions, and to use them to encourage readers to return focused contributions to the mailing list. This will nicely complement the pages we have already constructed on the NCTM Standards.

  11. Suzanne Alejandre's Magic Squares: /alejandre/magic.square.html

  12. Forum Web lessons and projects: /web.units.html; Forum Summer Institute activities and projects: /workshops/sum96/activities.projects.html

  13. Web Profits Unlikely Till 2000. Most companies banking on selling their content over the Web won't see a profit until the year 2000, predicts Forrester Research, which says the typical site, such as an electronic newsletter or magazine, will lose $3.9 million beyond the initial investment before they start making money. "Content providers who joined the Web gold rush find themselves tumbling down a long, dark mine shaft. It will be at least four years before they see a return on their investments," says the report's author. (Investor's Business Daily 3 Jul 96 A5).

  14. A link to the Forum's Suggestion Box is found on our home page and in the menubar at the bottom of all other pages: /web.comments/web.comments.form.html

  15. In the early 1990s a series of papers by Margaret Riel and James Levin identified some conditions that appear to be necessary for the development of sustainable communities (see electronic references, below), but this work pre-dated the World Wide Web and Internet access was a more difficult issue. Levin will be working with us on this project in another capacity, and has offered to counsel us on community building.

    See also Kollock, Peter and Marc Smith, Managing the Virtual Commons: Cooperation and Conflict in Computer Communities:
    and Smith, M. A. , "Voices from the WELL: The logic of the virtual commons":

    A recent discussion of what is known about the building of electronic communities can be found at

  16. Learning & Mathematics Discussion Series: /learning.math.html and /~sarah/Discussion.Sessions/Contents.html

  17. "Applications and Misapplications of Cognitive Psychology to Mathematics Education":

  18. Internet math providers: /mathsites/

  19. Introduction to Java Script:

    Introduction to Java programming (DIMACS):

    Traffic Jam Activity (Forum 1996 Summer Institute) (for Java applet see bottom of page; requires Netscape v.3): /workshops/sum96/traffic.jam.html

  20. Projects from Forum Summer Institutes:
    Sum95: /sum95/projects.html
    Sum96: /workshops/sum96/activities.projects.html

  21. Online participants, summer 1996: /workshops/sum96/online.participants.html

  22. Record of online Institute activity--Agenda, summer 1996: /workshops/sum96/sum96agenda.html

  23. Introduction to Vectors: /~klotz/Vectors/vectors.html

  24. Several variable calculus:
    Limits: /~ethan/klotz/Limits/Limits.html
    Tangent Planes: /~ethan/klotz/TangentPl.html

  25. Sammamish High School:

  26. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC):

  27. ENC Online documents:

  28. ENC Searchable catalog of curriculum resources:

  29. Elementary Problem of the Week: /elempow/

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