Clues and Landmarks from the Landmark Game

This is a list of all the clues submitted for the Landmark Game. Some schools submitted no clues. Following the clues is the correct answer for the landmark.




Agassiz Middle School

1. The winter solstice occurs here in December.
2. South of Winnie the Pooh statue.
3.Larger than in life

4. Near a college.
5. Down in the Valley
6. Up on a hill.

7. Home to White Cloud.
8. 93 miles from Johnny Lang's hometown.
9. Mascot of NDSU


Buffalo at Jamestown ND

Allen Creek Elementary School

1. Took 5 billion years to form
2. Located at 43 degrees North latitude and 75 degrees West longitude
3. All that glitters is not gold; this place is very, very old

4. Metamorphic rock, thymes with "shorts"
5. Geologist's dream
6. If you visit you can buy a gift, go to camp, visit a museum, hike and

7. Discovered by the Mohawk Indians
8. Erie Canal Village is a sister property
9. A girl's best friend.


Herkimer Diamond Mines

Ashby Elementary School

1. This place is famous for its popularity with Buddhist monks.
2. This landmark is covered with a brilliant gold leaf.
3. It's one of the largest Buddhist shrines in the world.

4. The area of the country in which this landmark is located in is
261,218 square miles.
5. The colors of the flag in which this landmark is located are red, white, and blue. 6. This country has three seasons and contains this landmark.

7. Rice growing is a big crop in the country that contains this landmark.
8. This landmark is surrounded by very dry land and deserts.
9.Most people near this landmark live in villages in a poor community.


Shwe Dragon Pagoda

Beers Street Middle School

1. It is located in an ancient Roman city.
2. It weighs as much as 14 or 15 American automobiles.
3. It was first made in 1858 but not heard from until 1859.

4. It is 7 1/2 feet tall.
5. Its name is popular not for it but for the structure that covers it.
6. It is housed in a famous House.

7. At one time the Olympic games were held in the city it's in.
8. It was named for Sir Benjamin Hall, who was First Commissioner
of Public Works in the city it's in.
9. The Irish Sea and the English Channel border the country it is in.


"Big Ben"

Bradley Central

1: This landmark is not in the U.S.
2: The average January temperature is above 10 degrees Farenheit.
3: It is not man-made.

4: It is in Asia.
5: It is close to the border of China.
6: It was formed.

7: It is made of rock.
8: It is near Syr Darya.
9: It is roughly 250 miles from Tashkent.

Communism Peak

Brunner Elementary School

1. James Hoban designed this landmark.
2. It is in North America.
3. It took 7 years to complete.

4. It has a lot of rooms.
5. It was destroyed and rebuilt in the 19th century.
6. The grounds cover 18 acres.

7. People visit here all year long.
8. It is colorful.
9. A lot of people work there.

The White House

Clark Middle School

1. It is highly resistant to fire.
2. It is estimated to weigh about 2,500 metric tons.
3. It is 275 feet tall.

4. It is nearly 2,500 years old.
5. it is found in the state nicknamed "the golden state."
6. It is owned by the U.S. Government.

7. It is named aftr an army officer.
8. It is located near a city called Fresno.
9. It is located in a mountainous area.


The General Sherman Tree

C. W. Otto Middle School

1. The first working plan was drawn up in the 16th century.
2. Eventually they had to flood the valley!
3. Gravity is very important and so are the mules.

4. Difficult and deadly terrain caused numerous complications.
5. It is estimated that as many as 30,000 lost their lives building it.
6. The lowest fee ever paid was 34 cents and the highest was $153,662.66!

7. Water hyacinths are dangerous, so special patrols destroy more than
42,000,000 plants a year.
8. It was closed for months in 1915 and 1916 and the unusually dry weather
caused by El Niño resulted in restrictions in 1983 and 1998.
9. At almost $400,000,000, it came in under budget, and President Roosevelt called it "The greatest feat ever performed by any nation in the
history of the world".



Catlin Grade School

1. Made of limestone.
2. It's difficult to reach.
3. It's 90 feet from the ground

4. Thousand of tourists visit it a year.
5. Legend says that an old woman cast a spell on it.
6. Word means clever.

7. You have to lie on your back to see it.
8. Legend says that Queen Elizabeth I helped name it.
9. It's housed in a building built in the 15th century.


The Blarney Stone (Blarney, Ireland)

Cite International Stendhal

1 I was visited by a famous explorer and a movie star
2 I'm hewn out of rock
3Giorgio described me as ' a world where everything is made of chocolate,ham,curry-powder and salmon.'

4I was forgotten until 1812
5 I'm full of tombs and one of them is silk.
6 A part of me has been reduced to dust.

7 I am at the crossroads of two major trade routes
8 I am 'half as old as time'
9 Nabataeans made me their capital


PETRA (Jordan)

Dwight Rich Middle School

1. The food that shares a name with our landmark could make you cry.
2. It is one of two places on earth where a magnetic compass does point true north.
3. Columbus wrote about it in 1492.

4. Mary Celeste's men left her there.
5. Barry Manilow sings about it.
6. How low can you go?

7. One idea was that an alien landed there and used anti-gravity.
8. David Copperfield cannot match the magic of this place.
9. Lucifer learns geometry.

Bermuda Triangle

El Dorado Springs R-2

1. People here are masters of healing and natural medicines.
2. (8/4) + (18x3) + (6x8) - 4 + 150 + (20x2) + (185 x 6) + (600 x 3) =
sq. miles
3. $$$ = BEANS and PEACE

4. A world leader in copper, lead, silver, and zinc.
5. Legend that an ancient civilization made a network of underground
tunnels here.
6. Gained independence in 1825.

7. A person important to them recently visited the largest city in our
8. 51 degrees
9. Der, Melbme na htiw wolley, Neerg thgirb


Lake Titicaca

Galloway School

1. A team of oxen was used to plow the ground for the "ground-breaking"
2. This landmark weighs 70,300,00 lbs.
3. The object at the top of this landmark was constructed on the ground.

4. The construction firm of W.S. Bellows was involved in this landmark. 5. The elevator travels 50 floors in 42 seconds.
6. This landmark is in the Guiness Book of World Records.

7. It is 12 feet higher than The Washington Monument.
8. The land on which this landmark sits is a wildlife marshland
9.The stuctural engineer was Robert H. Cummings.


San Jacinto Monument

Grey Nun Academy and

1. Two members of a British expedition were the first to reach the
2. It is on the border of Nepal and Tibet.
3. It is part of the Himalayan Mountains

4. It is the highest mountain in the world.
5. It is 29,028 feet ( 8848m) above sea level, as measured in 1954.
6. It is named for the British surveyor general of India who first
recorded the height and location in 1953.

7. Located in south centra Asia.
8. First successful American expedition was in 1963.
9. Oxygen must be used if you climb this mountain.


Mount Everest

Hahn Intermediate School

1. Within a national park
2. Named after a person
3. Nearly inaccessible

4. 3212 feet in height
5. a "heavenly" sight first observed by Indians
6. Indians believed it to be the angry voice of their gods

7. Also known as Churum Meru
8. Fifteen times higher than Niagara
9. Ranked the highest in the world

Angel Falls

Hamilton Elementary School

1. This place can be seen on tours.
2. It has been around for a long time.
3. Priests and other people have lived here.)

4. It has a most unusual looking calendar.
5. You could go round and round in the rooms found here.
6. It stands high abouve a very long river.

7. It has been a landmark to weary travelers.
8. Signatures here have disappeared into thin air.
9. Many a meal was cooked here but smoke has never gone up the chimney.

Chimney Rock outside Bayard, Nebraska, on the Oregon Trail


1. It is near a large body of water.
2. Inside there are lots of pipes.
3. It is surrounded by a large wall.

4. It is 170 feet long.
5. It was built over 100 years ago.
6. It is in a Square with another famous structure.

7. You can hear a pin drop.
8. It can hold many people.
9. The roof looks like a shell.

Mormon Tabernacle - Salt Lake City, Utah:

Haynes Bridge Middle School

1. It was used as a military post prior to the Civil War.
2. It was the first permanent military fort on the west coast of the
United States.
3. This landmark was abandoned in 1963 for economic reasons, and reopened
to the public ten years later.

4. If someone suffers from motion sickness, the fifteen minute commute may
be a challenge.
5. Native Americans claimed ownership of this landmark in 1969. They
departed in 1971.
6. This landmark is home to many different plants and animals. However,
the deer mouse is the only mammal to call this place home.

7. It has been the setting for several commercial movies.
8. Its name has to do with water fowl.
9. Al Capone resided here for about four and a half years.


Alcatraz -

 Hobart Middle School

 1. Construction began here to create a lighthouse in 1852.
2. Experimental procedures were not allowed.
3. This gray pile cannot be broken.

4. You can't throw a "stone" passed 5 hectares of land.
5. This landmark was named after a bird, but formerly housed a different
kind of bird.
6. Stopped use 4 years after the "Summer of Love".

7. Brewing Company was named from our landmark.
8. The only "teddies" around here weren't soft and furry; this "teddy"
had a heart of coal.
9. Landmark means "Pelican" in Spanish


Alcatraz -

Hong Kong International School

1. Whether the love of an old man, dad or a papa, it's all about the same name,
2. And a few good men were scene in this place of fighting and fame, 3. Where a long time ago, explorers, corsairs, slavers and traders once

4. If you hear Gloria's song from the homeland, you're now getting hot,
5. In the middle of the sleeping alligator, a cross marks the spot.
6. It sounds just like its neighbor, but spicy it's not.

7. On the home run now, not far from last base, here's what you and I
must do;
8. look away from the cochinos towards the red west and 1988 is the
final clue.
9. In the heart of the city and loved for 259 years, off Plaza Mayor,
Echerri 52!


The Musuem of Love, Trinidad, Cuba

Hornell Intermediate

1. It is located in one of the Middle Atlantic States.
2. A nickname for its home city is "The Big Apple.
3. The street on which it can be found is also the name of a candy bar.

4. One 14 1/2 - floor section was built in only one week.
5. The total time of construction was 2 years.
6. In 1931, upon its completion, it was the tallest building in the

7. It consists of 102 stories of office space.
8. A model of this structure was used in the 1933 version of King Kong.
9. A foot race up its 86 flights of stairs takes place each year.

Empire State Building

I.E.S. Cerdentilde

It is a building.
It is in the South of Europe.
Sunsets there are wonderful.

It was built by the Arabs.
Its name comes from the red colour of its clay walls.
The city where it stands was the capital of an Arab kingdom.

There are gardens inside it.
It was visited by Bill Clinton and John Glenn.
The city where it is located was the starting point of a famous rally



IES Parc de l'Escorxador

1.- Latitud 40 30N
2.- Its old quarter of white houses are surrounded by walls and
fortifications on a promontory jutting into the sea.
3.- It became a city in 1709

4.- The Romans called it: Peninsula
5.- A castle, built from 1294 - 1307, stands in the middle of it from where
beautiful Mediterranean beaches can be watched.
6.- It belonged to the Knights Templars from 1294 to 1307 who built a castle
similar to the castles in Holy Land.

7.- We had the opportunity to see Charlton Heston in a film riding on its
8.- A Pope with "very few friends" became the owner of the place in the
Middle Age.
9.- In fact this pope was an Antipope called Benedict XIII born Pedro de Luna


PEÑISCOLA is in Castellon (Spain)

J-I Elementary School

1. The walls are 5 to 7 feet thick.
2. Legend tells us that thearchitects were blinded after completion on the
edifice so as not to rival the design.
3. It is a monstrous "vegetable" production

4. It is like a giant compass.
5. It has survived fires, invasions, and war.
6. It is the exterior that is signficant.

7. It was known to the Muscovites as the "New Jerusalem."
8. It was erected at the spot where the Kazan flag flew.
9. It was commissioned in 1552 by "liettarenrivhbe."

St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow.

Kahala Elementary School

It's a natural landform.
It is made of rock and part of a cliff.
They form part of the great dividing range

It is a tourist attraction in a national park.
If you visit this area in January, you can participate in a puppet and a
folk music festival.
It's southeast of southeast Asia.

The landmark's name is based on an aboriginal legend.
The following figures are significant for this landmark: 922 m, 918 m, and 906 m.
It is part of the Blue Mountain Range.


The Three Sisters Blue Mountains,

 Kearsarge Regional Middle School

 1. A famous general retired here.
2. It sits on 15,000 acres.
3. Tobacco was grown here with the help of 150 slaves.

4. A governor is buried here.
5. Archeologists have recently excavated and found many artifacts.
6. John Parke Costis and his sister lived here with their mother.

7. It was built two and a half centuries ago.
8. It is seven miles from Alexandria, Virginia.
9. It is made of wood and painted white.


Mount Vernon

 Kent Learning Center

 1)It consists of 42 stories.
2)Our landmark was built by two New York engineers, Gaggin & Gaggin.
3)In 1986, it underwent extensive renovation that cost six times the
origianl building cost.

4)The interior is made of large quantities of Alaskan Marble and Mexican
Pedara onyx.
5)The finishing touch was a crystal ball dazzled with red, white, and
blue lights.
6)When our landmark was newly completed in 1914, its construction was
considered to be an undertaking that would go down in history.

7)The man who funded this building also made a line of typewriters that
are now considered to be antique.
8)When it was first built it was the tallest building west of the
Mississippi River, and the 4th largest building in the world.
9)This landmark is located in Washington State.


Smith Tower located in Seattle, Washington, USA

 Kingsbury School

 1. It is manmade.
2. It is related to a certain religion.
3. It has fancy architecture.

4. It is a fortress.
5. It is a palace.
6. It was a royal residence.

7. It was built during medival times.
8. It has gardens in it.
9. It fell into ruin, but now it is restored.


Alhambra in Spain

 Kirksey Middle School

 1. The colors look mystical from afar.
2. Cloud Valley looks nothing like an alley.
3. When you step up these hundred steps, it's like you are in the clouds.

4. This part is not a computer, but it has a Lotus Peak.
5. If you like macaroni, you'll love our mounts of cheese.
6. When you look at this landmark, you often see a rainbow of colors

7. Down by the ridge, where the yell goes low.
8. Yellow cutie, yellow cutie, we are the marvel of natural beauty.
9. As you are sewing through the mountainside, your Thread may be
caught on a cliff.


Yellow Mountains in China


 1. Located in Northern Hemisphere. (328 miles/203 Kilometers from United
States border.)
2. Maintains a year round interpretive center and laboratory facility. 3. The first specimen of the type I house was discovered in 1884.

4. Catalogues and preserves over 100,000 specimens with over 200 on display.

5. First opened on September 25, 1985 and is visited by 100,000 people every year.

6. Land around me used to be covered by a series of deltas, rivers and
flood plains and landforms known as hoodoos are not an attraction close to me.

7. Park surrounding me has been delcared a World Heritage Site and this
establishment was also granted Royal appellation by Her Majesty Queen
8. First Canadian institution devoted to paleontology.
9. Contains 35 complete skeletons; the most assembled under one roof.


 Lee Intermediate School

 1.Ý It was first opened on August 15, 1914
2.Ý Theodore Roosevelt was President when the construction was taken
over by the United States
3.Ý It took 10 years to complete

4.Ý It cost about $387 million to build
5.Ý It is 50 miles long
6.Ý More than 4 1/2 billion cubic yards of concrete went into the
construction of this site

7.Ý An engineering problem involved digging through the Continental
8.Ý It is 9,195 miles form Hong Kong
9.Ý During the dry season it must rely upon stored water


The Panama Canal

 Lewis and Clark Elementary

 1. II
2. Away in the mountains our landmark hides, can you find it?
3. Hundreds like it have fallen apart.

4. My Grandma is "69" years old, my grandpa is "86" years old.
5. I read "5 stories" today.
6. Our landmark has 3 designers.

7. This landmark may have cost more that its million dollar view.
8. This landmark was built as beautiful as a swan and as hard as a roc
9. I'm drowning.


Neuschwanstein Castle

 Lone Rock School

 1. Our landmark took six years to complete.
2. You will find our landmark at 8500 feet overlooking a pit.
3. The nearest town has an average temperature of 33 degrees F for a high and 5 degrees F for a low during the month of February.

4. Our landmark is the largest of its kind in the United States.
5. Gold was discovered in 1862 in the state where this landmark is located.
6. This landmark's name starts with a O and ends with a S.

7. A local church is where you can catch a tour bus for a three hour odyssey.
8. Our landmark is a 90 foot tall statue.
9. This statue is dedicated to all mothers.


Our Lady of the Rockies

 Maplewood Middle School Center

1. Our landmark was built in 1795.
2. It was constructed of cement covered brick.
3. It is the best known example of Hispano - Moresque architecture from
the colony in which it was originally built.

4. Our landmark was established by "Bloody O'Reilly" to house Spanish
officials of the colony.
5.General Lafayette visited there in 1825.
6.The upper floor caught on fire a couple of years ago and had to be

7. Our landmark is now a museum which holds items such as Napolean's
death mask.
8. The formal signing of the paper that transferred the Louisiana
territory from France to the United States took place here.
9. Our landmark is was once our colonial state house and is in a part of
the city still known as the Vieux Carre'.


The Cabildo in New Orleans, Louisiana

 MMC Middle School

 1. This landmark honored a nubmer of commonplace animals that were
represented all around it's border.
2. Four sculptors were chosen to decorate each of this landmark's four sides.
3. The king that it honors died in 353 B.C.

4. Made mostly of marble & stands 140 feet high.
5. In 1522 it was compoetely disassembled.
6. This was completed in 350 BC.

7. It's not in Greece but it was builted by the Greeks
8 It has 36 columns, 9 per side
9. Built for a King's wife who was also his sister.


"The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus"

 Munhall Elementary

 1. shiny glimmer
2. more attractive many years ago
3. animals wouldn't want to bathe in this "bubble bath"

4. wasn't a fast food restaurant for animals
5. pools you wouldn't want to swim in
6. can be found on your street

7. "sticky" situation
8. extinct items
9. salt creek oil fields

LaBrea Tar Pits

 Narragansett Elementary School

1. It is north of the Equator
2. It is close to another country
3. It is over 500 meters high

4. Be careful you might get wet
5. It is not man made
6. The country where it is located speaks Spanish

7. You may find its name with two spellings
8. It's near a National Park
9. It's not the highest of its kind on the continent


Cuquenan Falls-Kukenaam Fallls in Venezuela.

 Nimitz Elementary School

 1. It is located in the Western Hemisphere.
2. It is visited by approximately 1,500,000 people annually.
3. It weighs 32,6000 pound

4. It was dedicated in 1962.
5. Dwight D. Eisenhower approved it during his second term as president.
6. Its location is home to significant numbers fo kaku, aholehole, and amaama.

7. Alfred E. Preis, an architect, was chosen to design this landmark.
8. It commemorates the events of a very importan day in American history.
9. Elvis Presly performed a concert and gave all the proceeds to this landmark.


Arizona Memorial

 Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School

 1. This country is between latitude 24 N & 71 N.
2. If you can identify the host of our school, you can identify the national symbol of this country.
3. This country was once a British Colony.

4. This state/province has 1,350 miles of coastline.
5. One lake in this state/province covers about 1,813sq/km
6. This state/province is the lightning capital of the world.

7. This landmark is one of the homes of the inventor of the electric pen.
8. The person who owned this home is sometimes called the world+s greatest
9. This landmark is 4 acres in area & has a banyan tree 400+ in diameter.


Fort Myers, FL

 Prince Charles Public School

 1 - Three hundred and ten lights are important to this landmark.
2 - The national police force give security to this landmark.
3 - There are 7300 drains to allow for the runoff of water.

4) 75, 000 people participated in events that unveiled this landmark.
5) It took 3 years to complete building.
6) Was completed on May 30th

7) When is an island not an island?
8) Knowing about Green Gables would help you find this landmark.
9) Two important land masses are affected by its presence.

Confederation Bridge


Purdy Elementary

 1. It is probably the world's largest religious structure.
2. In the 1500's it became a destination for Buddhist pilgrims from all
over the world.
3. One half of its name means "temple".

4. The other half of its name means "power".
5. It was struck by lightning in 1994.
6. It has statues of lions in front of it.

7. It was built by King Suryavarman II as a Hindu temple dedicated to the
god Vishnu.
8. This landmark is located in Southeast Asia.
9. Its image appeared on the flag of the Khmer Rouge.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

 Rock Hall Middle School

2.Stainless steelopportunity
3.marble floors

4.African marble floors
5.Built in 1930
6.Decorated with gargoyles

7. Used in movies
8.Located in New York
9. Same name as an automobile

Chrysler Building

 Saint Rose School

 1.The exterior of the landmark was designed by a man from one
country, and the interior of the building was designed by men from another country.
2. Landmark has two separate parts, and if the exterior was removed, the interior would still stand. Likewise, if the exterior was removed, the interior would still stand.
3.In order to raise money for the landmark, kisses were sold by the
women of the area for $77 each.

4.The landmark is referred to as an entertainment complex.
5,The landmark was officially opened by the Queen of England in 1973.
6.The landmark is built in the southern hemisphere.

7.The landmark is built on a point and partly surrounded by water.
8.From the outside the landmark looks like huge white concrete
shells which remind one of a giant sailing ship.
9. One room in this landmark will seat over 2,500 people.

Sydney, Australia Opera House

 St John's College

 1. It is south of the Equator
2. It lies east of the "Mountains of the Dragon"
3. It is about the size of Wales

4. It is bigger than the state of Israel
5. The climate is subtropical with a summer rainfall
6. You can see the "Big Five" - Lion, Elephant, Leopard,
Buffalo and Rhino

7. The rivers are inhabited by hippopotami and crocodiles
8. It is bounded on the south by the Crocodile River
(sometimes known as the Krokodil River)
9. It was proclaimed in 1898 as The Sabie Game Reserve


Kruger National Park

 St. Michael School

 1.Runs around the L'arc de Triomphe at the western end
2.Many cafés, bakeries, and stores are located along this street 3.Commonly called Fashion avenue.

4.Located in the City of Lights
5. Lined with beautiful gardens and chestnut trees.
6. At the eastern end is the Place de la Concorde

7.Painters come to paint here.
8. During the winter, hardly anything open
9. During the summer, people celebrated the world cup in this street in Paris.

Champs Elyseé in Paris

 Stephen Decatur Middle School

 1. Erupted 12,000 years ago
2. Only active volcano on the mainland of Europe
3. Erupted in A.D. 79

4. More than 2 miles across
5. Erupted in Herculaneum
6. There have been six major eruptions in this century

7. It is 4,187 feet above the Bay of Naples in Italy
8. Erupted in Pompeii
9. Always smoking

Mount Vesuvius

 Tri-Valley Intermediate School

 1. Do people in this landmark speak a language other than English?
2. Is this landmark below the equator?
3. In this landmark, do they dance the tango?

4. If you were to put the landmarks in alphabetical order, would this one
be close to first?
5. Is this landmark in a different time zone than the United States>
6. Does this landmark have any volcanoes?

7. Does this landmark have caves that have been explored?
8. Does this landmark have the same climate all year round?
9. Are there large bodies of water bordering this country?

Buenos Aires,

 Whitehouse Elementary

 1. This body of water has lily pads up to 6ft. in diameter.
2. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere
3. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

4. It contains animals like the electric eel, piranha, anaconda, and
the arapaima, a fish that measures 15 ft. in length and weighs up to 400
5. The name of this landmark came from a greek myth about strong,
barbaric women who ruled this area.
6. It is home of the pink dolphin

7. It is surrounded by a rainforest.
8. It permeates nearly half of the continent it's located on.
9. It is over 3,500 miles long.


 Wickford Middle School

 1. This landmark is found on the continent which is less than half the size
of Asia.
2. It is in a country that was home to the Mayan civilization.
3. It is located in the only Mayan city located on the coast

4. It is the longest of its kind.
5. It was discovered in 1996.
6. Some parts of this landmark are considered sacred by the Mayans

7. A skeleton which could be 10,000 years old was found here.
8. It once was dry, but now is not.
9. Creatures which wxist nowhere else on earth are being discovered here.

Underwater caves of El Jacinto Pat.

 Williams Elementary School

 #1.You can take a shuttle boat to it.
#2.There was a surprise visit.
#3. Between 100 and 200 inches of rain fall on it each year.

#4. The U.S. President's name at this time had 9 letters.
#5. Every 2 minutes, remnants of fossils emerge.
#6. It has 17 neighbors.

#7. Sunday is significant.
#8. It is sometimes visited by Nene.
#9. It hasn't moved since one year after the lead singer of Johnny and the
Moondogs was born.

USS Arizona


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