Welcome to the Internet Scavenger Hunt!!!

All you internet surfers be prepared to show your search skills!

The Scavenger Hunt will consist of 10 questions including one or two bonus questions. To find the information needed to answer the questions you must use the search tools found on Net Search .

How would you find a picture of Greenday, the Grammy Award winner?

When did 'The Simpsons' first appear on television?

How do you submit a question to Dr.Math, an on-line resource for those math questions you cannot answer. Or perhaps, you'd like to try to stump math experts with a question!

Who was the highest paid player in basketball in 1995? How much did he make?

Who composed the music and who wrote the words to the opera 'Cosi Fan Tutti'?

What is the meaning of the word tessellation?

Define Platonic Solid . How many are there? What are their names?

Where can you find the official program of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia?

What is the most recent movie that Roy Rogers has been in?

Find a Farside cartoon.

Find the Chess Server where you can play an interactive game of chess on-line.

Click here for the answers

Prepared by Bruno Camporese, Dana Minaya, Donald Sheluga and Vicky Zickmund at Geometry Forum,Swarthmore College-Summer 1995.