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Note for Grownups

Note to Grownups

Chameleon Graphing was designed to appeal to a broad age group. Ideally, kids in any class from first grade to introductory algebra should be able to gain something from Sam. (We hope you like him, too!) Feel free to choose a section that interests you, and ignore the rest: for example, you might demonstrate graphing points on a line but ignore negative numbers, or use the glossary entry on dimension as the jumping-off point for a discussion. A list of ways that parents and teachers can use Chameleon Graphing follows. Please contact us with your suggestions and experiences.

Read a section aloud, and let children use the pictures to follow Sam's movements.

Pull out some graph paper, and practice graphing points with your child. You could also draw points (or bugs) in different locations, and ask your child to name the points.

Use the Tricky Graphs section to introduce the choices people make when graphing different kinds of data.

Use the glossary as a resource for introductory geometry.


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