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Graphing Points on a Line

Here is a line:


The arrows at each end show that the line really goes on forever.

Each place on the line is called a point. A few of the points on this line are marked with red dots:


We can number some of the points to make them easier to find. The numbers get bigger from left to right:


Right now, Sam is sitting on point 4:


On this line, only the even numbers are labeled. The other numbers are marked like this: I. This mark is called a tick mark.


If Sam wants to find point 5, what should he do?

    Sam starts at 0,


    and crawls forward. Sam knows that 5 is 1 more than 4, so he counts one tick mark after 4.

    Now Sam is at point 5.


    Sam makes a big green dot to show where he has been. He labels the dot too, so you can tell what it is.


Sam just graphed point 5.


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