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384 BC Aristotle is born.
c. 325 BC Euclid is born.
322 BC Aristotle dies.
c. 300 BC Euclid writes the Elements.
c. 300 BC Dicaearchus draws his map.
276 BC Eratosthenes is born.
c. 265 BC Euclid dies.
c. 262 BC Apollonius of Perga is born.
c. 250 BC Eratosthenes draws his map.
c. 225 BC Apollonius writes the Conics.
194 BC Eratosthenes dies.
c. 190 BC Apollonius dies.
c. 190 BC Hipparchus is born.
120 BC Hipparchus dies.
c. 85 AD Claudius Ptolemy is born.
c. 140 AD Ptolemy writes Guide to Geography.
c. 165 AD Ptolemy dies.
c. 290 AD Pappus is born.
c. 340 AD Pappus writes the Collections.
c. 350 AD Pappus dies.
c. 370 AD Hypatia is born.
c. 400 AD Hypatia writes a commentary on Apollonius.
March 415 Hypatia dies.
c. 780 AD Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarazmi is born.
c. 810 AD Al-Khwarazmi writes Al-jabr wa'l muqabalah.
c. 850 AD Al-Khwarazmi dies.
1323 AD Nicole Oresme is born.
1364 AD Oresme writes Latitudes of Forms.
July 11, 1382 Oresme dies.
1492 AD Christopher Columbus tries to sail around the world, using Ptolemy's incorrect estimate of its size.
February 15, 1564 Galileo Galilei is born.
March 31, 1596 René Descartes is born.
August 17, 1601 Pierre de Fermat is born.
1633 AD Galileo is sentenced to life imprisonment for promoting the theory that the Earth travels around the sun.
1636 AD Fermat sends a copy of Ad locos planos et solidos isagoge to friends in Paris.
1637 AD Descartes publishes Discours de la Méthod and includes La Géometrie as an appendix.
January 8, 1642 Galileo dies.
January 4, 1643 Isaac Newton is born.
July 1, 1646 Gottfried von Leibniz is born.
February 11, 1650 Descartes dies.
January 12, 1665 Fermat dies.
1679 AD Fermat's book Ad locos planos et solidos isagoge is published.
1684 AD Leibniz publishes an article on his differential calculus.
1687 AD Newton publishes the Principia.
1705 AD Isaac Newton is knighted, becoming Sir Isaac Newton.
November 14, 1716 Leibniz dies.
May 16, 1718 Maria Gaetana Agnesi is born.
March 31, 1727 Newton dies.
May 9, 1746 Gaspard Monge is born.
1748 AD Agnesi publishes Analytical Institutions.
May 6, 1769 Jean Nicolas Pierre Hachette is born.
1795 AD Monge publishes Feuilles d'Analyse.
January 9, 1799 Agnesi dies.
1802 AD Monge publishes Application d'algèbre à la géométrie with Hachette.
September 3, 1814 James Joseph Sylvester is born.
July 28, 1818 Monge dies.
January 16, 1834 Hachette dies.
1878 AD Sylvester uses the word "graph" in an article in American Journal of Mathematics.
March 15, 1897 Sylvester dies.

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