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To find ideas for math collaborations, Mel Sprouse suggests browsing these Internet projects:

Eratosthenes Experiment: A Worldwide Science and Math Experiment
Students from all over the globe calculate the circumference of the Earth by measuring the shadow of the sun, then using that measurement in a simple equation. Students and classes are encouraged to share their results with others by completing an experiment report form. You may view the experimental results of participating students and classes via the WWW. The March 1997, September 1997, and March 1998, experimental results are also available. See also Eratosthenes' Experiment.

Hands Across America (Teams Distance Learning)
In 1995 there were 7,164 participants reaching a total of 19,546.22 feet! Your students might want to put the information into a database, creating fields to compare the lengths that came in from each site.

Geometry Gallery of Imaginary Animals Project (Teams Distance Learning)
Have you ever noticed that many of the terms in geometry sound like they are the names of some strange animals? Terms like Scalene, Dodecagon, and Heptagon? In this project, students use their imaginations to create imaginary animals and describe them, while they learn about geometry at the same time!

The Great Paper Airplane Challenge (Teams Distance Learning)
TEAMS looked for the farthest flying airplanes throughout the nation - the best from each class; classes sent in written directions (diagrams were acceptable) for folding this airplane so it could be "built" for the "fly-off." An origami exercise.

Marvelous M&M Survey (Teams Distance Learning)
Students from across the United States took a package of M&M's, predicted the color they thought there would be the most of, graphed them by color, sent their data to TEAMS Distance Learning... Then they ate their M&M's.

Noon Project '98 (Faubion Middle School)
Schools participate by measuring the angle of the sun at Local Noontime during a specific week of the year and submit their results through the Noon Project submission form. If you are interested in participating in Noon '99, contact Kenneth Cole at

Poetry Patterns (Teams Distance Learning)
Learning about mathematical patterns in numbers and in poetry. This activity involves students in writing two forms of poetry - diamante and cinquain - that involve mathematical word patterns.

Spinning Around (Teams Distance Learning)
Students work in groups and record the numbers that come up on each of the 4 spinners. As one student spins, the other records the results on the tally sheet. As students record their results, they begin to see a relationship between the design of the spinner and the outcomes that result from the spins. The purpose of this project is to collect as large a sample as possible so a comparison can be made between the classroom data and the national data.

Taking Stock: Stock Market Simulation (Happy Valley School District)
A multi-grade, integrated thematic project that begins with 6 activities varying from math to research skills to persuasive writing and focuses on the stock market, with participants in grades 5 through 12 and from California to New York to Florida.

For more projects, see the Houghton Mifflin Mathematics Project Center

Other suggestions? Send them to Suzanne Alejandre.

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