Meeting with the DLC Tutors
5:00 - 7:00 July 14, 2008

Part I: Online Mentoring (about 30 minutes)
Learning Goals: Identifying the key mathematics to connect to, and learning specific ways to ask about it.
Overall Description: We will examine four samples of student work, two from Function Challenge and two from Car Rental Quandary. We will discuss how to respond to students in a way that will lead to the most effective revisions.
Part II: Suporting problem solving strategies (about 1.5 hours)
Learning Goals: Getting every problem solving strategy heard. Supporting the students as they suggest various strategies to solve a problem. Learning ways to anticipate and identify strategies.
Overall Description: We will facilitate two problem solving sessions for Snowy Driveway and Making Triangles. Each tutor will choose to play the role of a student who is presenting her/him with a certain challenge (for example, a student who is always ahead of the group.)
Interpretating the Problem:
  • Read the problem for 2 minutes.
  • Discuss your undrstanding of what's happening in the problem.
  • Ask questions such as: What do we know?- I don't understand - I am not clear about - Is it always the same amount of..
Discussing Problem Solving Strategies:
  • Think about a strategy to solve the problem and name it.
  • Pair with another tutor who named the same strategy to work on solving the problem.
  • We will have a group check every few minutes to see how everyone is progressing following their own strategy.
Wrap up: Getting ready for our weekly supplementary session.
Problem Selection for Week 4
Math 100
  • ***3308: Snowy Driveway
  • 3040: Count Your Change
  • 2824: Three Consecutive Integers
Math 110
  • ***3136: Making Triangles
  • 3700: Ancestors
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