Meeting with the DLC Tutors
5:00 - 7:00 July 28, 2008

Part I: Student feedback (about 45 minutes)
Goal: discussing an effective way to learn from the students about their learning experience as they participated in the supplemental section.
Questions to consider:
  • What type of learning did we expect the students to have had? Our answers will help us decide what questions to ask to the students.
  • Do we want to follow a focus group format or a questionnaire format?
  • How are we going to keep a record of the students' responses?
  • Are there any questions we would like to add to our questionnaire?
  • Is there anything we want to test out to see what the students learned. For example, have the students facilitate part of the session and see if they will ask the questions we expect them to.
Note:The students will not be submitting online this week.
Part II: Reflection (about 1 hour)
Goal: We will reflect upon our experience with the supplementary section.
Headings: Name six headings that we can organize our reflections under.
For each heading list:
  1. Things we like.
  2. Things we don't like
  3. Things we would do to change and improve on what we don't like.
Part III: The wiki activity (about 10 minutes)
Goal: We will discuss how to contribute to the discussion taking place on the wiki.
Problem Selection for Week 6
Math 100
  • 3412: Poolish Pride
  • 1168: Product Plus 1
Math 110
  • 1290: The Seal of Dalvek
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