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   Learning Multiplication Facts (2)  

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Parents, teachers, and students have written to Dr. Math asking for help with teaching and learning multiplication facts. Here are some of the best answers from our archives; for the full answers, follow the links:
Tips for Learning Multiplication Tables
I have great difficulty with my 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 times tables...
  "There are lots of ways to memorize multiplication tables. Which one will work best depends on you. Think about how you learn other things best, and what you like best. People learn in different ways..." Examples of learning by seeing, listening, writing, using different colors or odd shapes, processing, playing games, looking for patterns, and more.

Memorizing Multiplication Facts
I can't remember my multiplication facts. I have flash cards, but they don't work...
  "Ultimately, memorization comes from familiarity, but it's usually a good idea to avoid trying to learn too much at one time. So if I were you, I would start with a very small table of facts..."

Finger Multiplication for the 9s
I don't know my 9's times tables. Can you help?
  "When I was learning my times tables, my teacher taught me a special trick for learning the 9's. Here's how it works: Hold your two hands together so that all of your ten fingers are out in front of you... "

Help With Multiplication and Percents
Can you help me with multiplication so that I can better understand percents?
  "My students find learning nine times tables to be the hardest. After using this method it becomes easier for them: Put your hands flat, palms down, on the table. Number your fingers like this..."

Helping a Child Learn to Multiply
What is the best way to help my son learn to multiply? Is there a fun way?
  "As one parent to another, I can understand what you are going through... There is no easy way of getting the times tables into his head, but there are ways of making it fun... help him learn multiplication tables as a song or a game."

Homeschooling Multiplication
My son can't seem to memorize his times tables and therefore can't divide.
  Games and other ideas about multiplication and involving your family in learning math.

Memorizing Multiplication Tables
I am having a problem memorizing my times tables. How can I do this easily?
  "The best way I know is to use flash cards. Get yourself a stack of 3x5 cards. For every times that you need to memorize, write the problem on one side and the answer on the other... Don't always do the cards in the same order. Mix them up."

Multiplication Tables on the Web
Can you tell me where I can find the multiplication tables on the WWW?
  "I've made up a table for you that goes through 12x12... Do you notice any patterns?"

Remembering Multiplication Tables
Is there an easy way to remember multiplication tables?
  "I think the first person to find a truly easy way to remember multiplication tables could make a fortune. Here are two suggestions for learning times tables..."
And see the Multiplication section of the Dr. Math archives.

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