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Formulas for Perimeter, Area, Volume, etc.

Defining Geometric Figures

  Two-dimensional figures
  Three-dimensional figures
  Triangle   Rectangular Parallelepiped
    equilateral triangle     cube
    isosceles triangle   Prism
    right triangle   Pyramid
    scalene triangle     square pyramid
  Quadrilateral   frustum of a pyramid
    general quadrilateral   Regular Polyhedron
    square     tetrahedron
    rectangle     cube
    parallelogram     octahedron
    rhombus     dodecahedron
    trapezoid     icosahedron
    kite   Cylinder
    cyclic quadrilateral     right circular cylinder
    cyclic-inscriptable   Cone
  Regular Polygon     right circular cone
  Circle     frustum of a cone
    arc   Sphere
    segment     sphere sector
    sector     spherical cap
  Ellipse     sphere segment, zone
  Parabolic Segment     lune
    Circular Torus
    Spherical Polygon
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      Three-dimensional geometry


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