This is the original announcement as it appeared in several newsgroups
when we began in the fall of 1994.

     *                 Ask Dr. Math                *
     *                                             *
     *             Have a math question?           *
     *      No problem you're working on is        *
     *             too big or too small.           *
     *   Want to talk to someone who loves math?   *
     *         Let's do some math together!        *
     *                                             *
     *                  Write to:                  *
     *        *

   If you are a student in elementary, middle, or high
   school, write to us!  We can't wait to help you with
   those really tough or interesting problems.  All of
   the Ask Dr. Math letters are answered by members of
   "The Swat Team," math students and professors here at
   Swarthmore College (and some famous "ringers" from
   elsewhere in the math world, including John Conway
   at Princeton).  Ask Dr. Math is a project of the
   GEOMETRY FORUM(see note below), an NSF-funded 
   program housed at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, 
   Pennsylvania, USA.

   Dr. Math is not a mailing-list, it's an e-mail address
   that you can write to with math questions, and we'll
   write you back.  If you write to us, please include a
   subject in your message that says something about your
Note: The Geometry Forum has become the Math Forum since this announcement was written.
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