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Ask Dr. Math has become one of the most popular sites on the Internet. This is exciting news for the Math Forum and for mathematics in general. However, with this popularity has come an amazing increase in the number of questions received. The volume has risen from 10 questions a week to over 350 a day, and the load increase shows no signs of stopping.

The present team of Doctors is incapable of keeping up with the increased load. We need qualified volunteers who enjoy teaching math and helping kids to join the Ask Dr. Math Team. The time commitment can be as great or as little as you desire, and you can do it from anywhere you can reach a decent Web browser.

Examples of how to write answers can be found in the Dr. Math Guide to Writing Responses, which you'll want to read if you're interested in becoming a Math Doctor.

"Math Doctor" Agreements (please read)

  1. The Future of Ask Dr. Math
  2. Non-Employee Contribution Agreement:
    Please print out this form, sign it, and mail it to us at:
          The Math Forum
          Attn: Stephen Weimar
          P.O. Box 156
          Swarthmore, PA 19081, USA
  3. Clarifications, Instructions, Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to join the Dr. Math team, please fill out our simple form so we can get more information to you.

OKAY, I will!

Thank you,
The Math Doctors.

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