Ask Dr. Math: The Math Doctors' Newsletter

by Ian Underwood

April, 2001

To: All Dr. Math Doctors
From: Ian Underwood 
Subject: Ask Dr. Math in April

Hi Math Doctors,

As many of you know, the Math Forum was supported for many years by
National Science Foundation grants, had a brief incarnation as an
independent dot-com, and was then acquired by WebCT.  We are finding
that the dot-com world does not support the spirit of the Math Forum's
mission as we had hoped.  We have decided to become a non-profit
organization in order to continue to serve the mathematics and
mathematics education communities.

We've been working on a number of services and research projects that 
we expect to be the source of new funds for Math Forum programs. 
Until that happens, May 15 is our last official day of operation. 

However, many of us will continue to volunteer our time.  Also, we are
in the middle of some multi-year contracts that will pay for some of
our programmers to continue working on specific projects, which means
that the servers will stay up, which means that the Math Forum site
will continue to be available, which means that Ask Dr. Math will
continue to operate pretty much unchanged.

Having said all that: Through April 29, we answered almost 44% of
the questions that we received last month, with special thanks going
to the following doctors:

 Avg    |  Peterson
 A's    |
 per    |  
 day    |
        |  Rob
        |  Douglas
        |  Greenie
        |  Jaffee, Roy, Robert, Schwa
        |  Floor, Jerry, Mitteldorf, Pat
        |  Anthony, Patti, Paul, Rick
        |  Fenton
        |  Aileen, Jodi, Jordi, Nbrooke, White

Congratulations to newly tenured Dr. Tony!

Finally, we are in the process (which should be completed by the 15th)
of moving the site to a more powerful and reliable set of application
and database servers, which should speed things up, and eliminate the
delays that many of you have been experiencing in the last few weeks.

That's the news for April.  Go forth, be fruitful, and teach kids to

Dr. Ian
Attending Physician
Ask Dr. Math