Ask Dr. Math: The Math Doctors' Newsletter

by Stacey Bearden

October, 1998

Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 00:36:48 -0400 (EST)
From: Stacey Bearden
To: All Dr. Math Doctors
Subject: Dr. Math in October

Ask Dr. Math Newsletter
October, 1998

Hello Math Doctors, and welcome to the new month of November!  I'd also 
like to welcome our new administrator, Eric Anderson (Dr. Anderson).  
You'll soon be seeing his hand in the holding tank. Now, on to the 
newsletter; here are this month's stats:

5525 -- incoming questions
2278 -- answered questions
 41% -- percent answered

Again, our percentage has decreased, and again, it is because of an 
increase in the volume of questions - by over 1000!  We answered 6% fewer 
questions, but numerically we answered 181 more than last month.  We'll 
be training a new batch of volunteers soon, so we hope that number will 
increase for next month.


News this month:

Dr. Santu is our newest tenured doctor - congratulations!

Triage now has a link to the Problem of the Week page.  It's a good idea 
to take a look before answering questions, so that you don't give away 
the answers.  The whole point of the program is to have kids write up 
their own solutions and investigate the problems on their own, and then 
to receive feedback from the mentors. But sometimes they write to Dr. 
Math, hoping to get "inside information."  Don't let them! :)

We have a definite lack of questions in our Elementary Geometry section 
of the archives. It seems as though we don't get many young students 
asking geometry questions. If you find one and answer it, please do let 
me know (both the problem number and the student's email) so we can get 
it into the archives. Thanks!

Dr. Pat answered a whoppin' 242 questions this month!  Wow!

And while quantity is great, quality is even more important - take a 
look at what people have to say recently about Dr. Math:


Thank you for your swift response and answer to my question. I have given 
your URL to my ten year old. Fantastic site, and thank you again.

Janice Honhorst form Krum, Texas called the Math Forum recently to praise 
us. She says we helped raise her daughter's math grade by 20 points, 
which her school found so impressive that the principal got interested in 
us. She praised us specifically for not giving away answers, but rather 
helping students to work through problems themselves. She also mentioned 
the value of the program to students who don't have resources in their 
home towns.

To everyone at this site helping others with math God Bless You! You
don't realize what a Godsend you people are and how gifted you are
sharing your knowledge with others. Thanks for being here for all of
us! Rebecca

What a wonderful service you provide.  We are blessed to have people
like you in our lives. Thank you again for your help. I am sure I will
need you again in the future.


And now a smattering of even more praise (ain't praise grand?), but this 
time a selection of some of our nicest thank yous to individual doctors:


Dear Doctor Mitteldorf

This is just to let you know how grateful I am for your rapid and 
informative response.

Just one more question.....
(Just kidding, and thanks again!)
Best regards,
Maureen Pullen
Durban, Natal, South Africa

For Dr. Rob:

Dear Dr. Math,

Thank you very much for your great help. I understand the problem now 
and I know I'm going to write you again when I have new problems. 
I will tell my friend how great you are. Thank you again,

For Dr. Mitteldorf:

Thank you for your help!  I have been stuck on that problem for almost 
this whole week-end.  I made the problem harder than it really was.  
Thanks again.

Laura Laraya

Dear Dr. Jaime,

Thanks to you and your team for helping me with so many of my 
questions.  Although I have had a very tough time with proofs, by 
asking you for help along the way, I seem to get pretty close to 
solving some of them on my own. So, this is my official "Thank You" 
to you and all the other Doctors on the team who take the time to help 
the small people.  Your time, effort, and work are all very much 


Bernadette Gural    

For Dr. Anthony:

Thank you... thank you thank you... so much... you've got no idea you 
saved my life.. and you responded so fast, which I appritiate... 
Take care.

For Dr. Rick:

Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to answer my question. 
I'll be able to use some of your answer in my report.  
- Once again Thank you

For Dr. Anke:

Dear Dr. Math,

Thank you very much for your help. I have taught elementary grades for 
26 years and have gone back to work on my math and science certificates.  
I am very pleased to have found you on the web and know if I have any 
questions that I can not figure out on my own that you are there to 
Again Thank you very much.  
Luba Johnson

For Dr. Peterson:


I finally found out how to estimate quotients because of ya. 
thanxx alot.

God bless you.
-c-ya -Maya

For Dr. Pat:



Whew! There were a lot! And many more that I didn't include. Keep up 
the great work, Doc's, and have a good November!

Stacey (Dr. Stacey) Bearden
Doctor Math Administrator
The Math Forum