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What they say about us
Over the years we've received some very nice awards (you can see them at the bottom of the Dr. Math home page. However, it's the replies we get from students that we love the most. We include a sampling of them below, and there are many more here.

Dr. Math Thank You Letters
Date: 9/21/95 at 21:35:46
From: Pat E Moshfeghian 
Subject: Re: Factoring

Thank you Dr. Math,

The last time I mailed in a question it took about a 
day before I received an answer which in my book is 
good.  But wow! This time it was less than an hour--
This is GREAT!!!

Thank you,


Date: 9/19/95 at 19:47:10 From: bday@phoenix.phoenix.net (barry) Subject: Re: HELP!! ASAP!! Dr. Ken (geometry forum) Thanks! That helped A LOT! I feel much better about my quiz. When I showed the printout of your letter to Mr. Lemley, my math teacher, he gave me extra credit. THANKS!! Lisa Day
Date: 9/28/95 at 6:1:34 Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 10:57:37 +0100 From: crespo2@mingo.dsnet.it (Luca M.) Subject: Re: Equation of the cone -- Dr. Math (Andrew), Thank you very much for your help... your teaching is very useful, it is great and also all of you, at Geometry Forum, are great....continue on this way... to soon... Luca Mingardi. |----------------------------------------| | Luca M. | | E-mail crespo2@mingo.dsnet.it | |----------------------------------------|
Date: 9/28/95 at 10:59:19 From: David Farnell Subject: Home Page Address Request A couple of my students submitted a question to you a while back and we were very pleased with the results of your reply. Thank you. We were given the address of a home page with choices to look at a variety of different problems like ones dealing with physics. Could you please send me this address again? Thanks. **************************** David Farnell Math/Science Teacher North River School District dfarnel1@esd113.wednet.edu
Date: 9/26/95 at 12:34:23 From: watsonsus@urvax.urich.edu Subject: just curious Dr. Math I am a Junior at the University of Richmond, studying to become an elementary school teacher, and I found your page while browsing the net. Firstly, I'd like to compliment you on what I've seen. This is incredible, and I'm so impressed. This is a great source for parents or students who have questions concerning math. Your answers are also great. I was very impressed when I read one letter that was responded to by three different people (one of whom responded twice, the second time after talking to his/her mother). I was curious as to how many letters/questions you get a day/week and if there is more than one "Dr. Math" who responds to the questions? I've really enjoyed your site and if you're still around in a few years when I'm teaching, we'll definitely use you in the classroom. Thanks, Susan Watson
Date: 9/29/95 at 8:19:17 From: massimo.castagno@cselt.stet.it (massimo castagno) Subject: RE: Average distance from the central point in a square area Dear Doctor Jonathan, It was very kind of you! Thank you. I have found the solution very useful. I'll surely check your web site. Best regards, Massimo
Date: 11/5/95 at 18:19:54 From: Keytar@aol.com Subject: Re: GEOMETRY Thanks for your help..I figured out the answer...!!!!
Date: 6/14/96 at 21:43:11 From: wong@max-net.com (owen wong) Subject: (no subject) Dear Dr. math, Thanks for the help!! That was my first E-mail!! It was fun!! Bye!! Owen Wong
Date: 6/17/96 at 6:36:8 From: C.vanSchaik@math.ruu.nl (Kees van Schaik) Subject: Thanks Dear Doctor Anthony, I want to thank you for helping me out! If there's anything I could do back, please let me now! Kees van Schaik
Date: 5/2/96 at 19:56:9 From: tanit@airmail.net (Anees Bensassi) Subject: Re: Sequences and series Dear DR. Math, Thank you so much for your help, now I'll have 5 points in my next precalc test. ******************************* *Anees Bensassi * *Tanit International * *tanit@airmail.net * *http://web2.airmail.net/tanit* ******************************* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Date: 5/2/96 at 20:4:21 From: Doctor Jodi Subject: Re: Sequences and series Glad we could help! -Doctor Jodi, The Math Forum
Date: 5/2/96 at 22:49:6 From: amerz@azstarnet.com (August Merz III) Subject: Re: vector calculus Thanks for your help! Have a good picnic. Meanwhile, I'll be at your website. August Merz III Engineering and Computer Teacher MESA advisor Safford Engineering and Technology Magnet Middle School Tucson, Arizona
Date: 5/8/96 at 12:1:6 From: sandifeh@CWU.EDU Subject: Thank you! I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to respond to my question regarding Business Math lesson plans! It was exactly what I was looking for! It's nice to know that someone is out there who actually helps someone they don't even know! Thanks again!!! Holly Sandifer
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