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Educational Game Design
EDUC475, DGIM465, and CS480

Final Math Project
Create a Flash/Java applet game for middle school students to use in math class.
Assigned Groups
Group 1: AJ, Russell, Alex, Jim
Group 2: Iris, Melissa, Bob, Stephen
Group 3: Jonathan, Major, Greg, Matt, Josh
Group 4: Aaron, Gwen, Sam, Ryan
Assigned Topics
Group 1: Geometry
Group 2: Algebra
Group 3: Data Analysis/Probability
Group 4: Number and Operations
Each group will create one Flash or Java applet game. The math topics are number and operations, algebra, measurement, data analysis/probability. For this group project these are the requirements:
  • November 14, 6:00 pm: a one-page PDF document submitted by one person per group to include:
        Group members
        List responsibilities of each group member
        Proposed name of game
        Where's the math?
        What will students learn?
        How will you know they learned it?
        Target audience

  • November 16, 10:00 am: each group will submit a handwritten document with the following information:
        Storyboard components with name of responsible person, for example:
                description of game
                explanation of the math
                how learning will be assessed
                visuals illustrating game on paper
                technical explanation (Flash specifics)

  • November 21, 9:30 am: Storyboard components due in class
        completed Storyboard will be turned in by 10:50 am

  • November 28, 6:00 pm: Alex, Melissa, Bob, Greg, Josh, and Sam: Suggestions? Discussion [using logins provided].

    Teacher Feedback:
    Part I: [first post to be completed by 6:00 pm, November 28]
    Initiate a conversation describing your group's game and asking at least three questions to prompt a response from the classroom teacher. Ongoing conversation is encouraged focusing on the educational value of the game, how students learn the mathematical topics addressed in the game, etc.
    Part II: [ongoing posts through December 5]
    Once the beta version of the game is accessible online, continue the conversation with the classroom teacher and share with members of your group.
    Part III: [paper due by midnight, December 6]
    Each of the six education students writes 2 or 3 pages about the Teacher Feedback discussion addressing the value of the feedback and how it was used by your group.

  • November 30, 6:00 pm: Beta version of game (.swf file and HTML file) due

  • Alex, Melissa, Bob, Greg, Josh, and Sam responsible for continuing conversation with teacher on Suggestions? Discussion

  • December 6, 12:00 midnight: two deliverables:
                (1) Teacher Feedback (PDF) from each education student
                (2) the final prototype of the game.

  • December 7: Play Day in class (Try each other's final projects/fill out evaluation form on each)
            Group 1 - Bounce
            Group 2 - Panic Project
            Group 3 - Snowball
            Group 4 - Numbers Db

  • Final (optional): View projects that are cataloged in Math Tools. Start or join in on a discussion thread to receive feedback from the Math Tools community.

30 percent of total grade
Due Date
various due dates listed above

Questions/comments, please contact Suzanne Alejandre.

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