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Educational Game Design
EDUC475, DGIM465, and CS480


Ever since the dawn of the video- and computer-game era people have thought that the power of the games medium could be harnessed to the goals of education. In this course students from computer science, digital media, and education will work in teams to develop and evaluate simple educational games, called gamelets, for learning mathematics in grades 5 through 9.

What you will do:
Work in teams comprised of students from computer science, digital media, and education
Collaborate with targeted grade level teachers and their students
Engage in cognitive task analysis to determine knowledge and skills necessary for interactive engagement among students
Create web-based instructional video games
What you will get:
An educational technology product that can be used directly in a classroom
An enhanced understanding of technology and its educational applications
A fun, interactive experience collaborating with a variety of people with a variety of expertise
An opportunity to have your educational game cataloged in the Math Tools digital library and featured on the Math Forum @ Drexel website.
Frank Lee
        University Crossings, Room 110
Suzanne Alejandre
        The Math Forum, 3210 Cherry Street
Quincy Brown, TA
5% Flash Intro Project
20% Flash Math Project
30% Final Project
30% Assignments
10% Attendance
5% Course Evaluation

Questions/comments, please contact Suzanne Alejandre.

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