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Educational Game Design
EDUC475, DGIM465, and CS480


Day 1: September 26
Class Overview - Frank and Suzanne
Overview: Flash Intro Project - Quincy
Set-up time (Flash) and/or browse Math Tools site
Flash Intro Project and Math Tools
Day 2: September 28
Math Tools - Suzanne
Discussion about Math Education and Learning Theory Resources - Quincy and Suzanne
Assignment 1: Math Tools tasks
Day 3: October 3
Game Exercise - Frank
Day 4: October 5
Overview of Math Topic for Flash Math Project - Suzanne
Assign groups - Suzanne and Frank
Project Time
Day 5: October 10
Flash Math Project - Frank
Proportional Reasoning & Conceptual Understanding - Suzanne
Day 6: October 12
Proportional Reasoning & Games? - Frank
Project Time
Assignment 2: Math Tools tasks
Day 7: October 17
PDF document due (WebCT submission): Flash Math Project Proposal
Group presentations: Flash Math Project Proposal
Project Time
Group Review 1
Day 8: October 19
Project Time
Running beta version due by 5:00 pm (WebCT submission)
Day 9: October 24
All projects "tested" by 7th grade students at Drew Elementary School
Day 10: October 26
Group Debriefing:
9:30 - 9:45 Group 1 [Major, Ryan, Sam, Matt]
9:45 - 10:00 Group 2 [Melissa, Jonathan, Alex, Aaron]
10:00 - 10:15 Group 3 [Greg, Russell, AJ]
10:15 - 10:30 Group 4 [Jim, Gwen, Josh]
10:30 - 10:45 Group 5 [Bob, Iris, Stephen]
Assignment 3: classroom visit write-up and next steps for the Flash Math Project [due October 31]
Day 11: October 31
Project Time: discuss, modify Flash Math Project
Day 12: November 2
Project Time
Group Review 2
Day 13: November 7
Flash Math Project presentations
Post Mortem - individual - PDF - one to two pages stating what was learned, where did you succeed, where did you fall short (self-critique) - examples posted on WebCT [due November 9]
Day 14: November 9
Group Review 3
Introduce the Final Math Project
Assign Final Project groups
Selection of topics for Final Project
Day 15: November 14
Games - Frank
PDF document due by 6:00 pm
Day 16: November 16
Math Tools cataloging [Personal Shopper, Math Football, Ameba] - Suzanne
changes in timeline and Final Math Project - Suzanne
Teacher Feedback component - Suzanne
Games - Frank
Day 17: November 21
Storyboard components due in class at 9:30
Project Time: assembling components of StoryBoard
Frank and Suzanne individually talking to each group
Day 18: November 28
Games - Frank
due by 6:00 pm: First Teacher Feedback component - Education person(s) from each group initiate educational value of Final Math Project game.
Day 19: November 30
Games - Frank
beta version of game (including HTML file) due by 6:00 pm
beta version of game will be posted to Math Forum /te/exchange/hosted/ directory
Second Teacher Feedback component - Education person(s) continue discussion with selected teacher including communicating about the beta version
Day 20: December 5
Project Time - education students share ideas from Teacher Feedback with the group
December 6, midnight
write up of how Teacher Feedback was used in PDF format is due
Final Math Project prototype is due
Day 21: December 7
Overview of the Class: Lessons Learned - Frank
Play Day (Try each other's final projects/fill out evaluation form on each)
        Group 1 - Bounce
        Group 2 - Panic Project
        Group 3 - Snowball
        Group 4 - Numbers Db
Time for class evaluation (15 minutes)

Questions/comments, please contact Suzanne Alejandre.

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