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Volume 1, Number 10

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    9 December 1996                     Vol. 1, No. 10

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The MAA Teaching and Learning Web pages are designed to 
provide useful and thoughtful articles about teaching 

- John and Annie Selden's Research Sampler column is called 
  "Of What Does Mathematical Knowledge Consist?"  It begins 
  with the deliberations of the Summer 1995 ICME-8 Working 
  Group on Forms of Mathematical Knowing and continues on 
  from there. The column will appear every three months.

- The Innovative Teaching Exchange, edited by Bonnie Gold, 
  is a forum for people teaching mathematics at the 
  college level to share new methods they have tried, 
  invented, or discovered. Interested teachers are 
  invited to contribute.


                       MATH FORUM SEARCHERS


  With the Forum's Complex Searcher you can search by 
  keyword plus any of more than 30 categories we've used
  to catalogue math Web sites for you, from arithmetic 
  and geometry to nonlinear dynamics and number theory.

  In addition, we classify math materials by Resource 
  Type, Topic, Level, Organization, or Key Site, and 
  these views can be selected from the Table of Contents:


  You can also look for Internet math resources by 
  using our Simple Searcher and entering keywords. Here, 
  if you don't get exactly what you want you can send
  your keywords on to one of the major Internet search
  engines we support, including AltaVista, MetaCrawler,
  Yahoo, and DejaNews.


                    FROM THE E-MAILBAG

   Can you tell me where on the Internet I can find 
   math formulas and information for my son?

Here's a great resource for you: ERIC'S TREASURE TROVE  
OF MATHEMATICS, a comprehensive alphabetical on-line 
encyclopedia of math terms, equations, and derivations.

Organized alphabetically, its cross-referenced factoids 
come fully equipped with explanations, examples, 
references and more. You'll find everything from the 
Abacus and the abc Conjecture to the Zsigmondy Theorem.  


               RUTH CARVER'S 1996 PUZZLE
   Using the digits in 1996 and any operations, try to 
   write equations that have the numbers from 0 to 100 
   as the answer. The solution for each number and the 
   name of the first person to send it will be posted. 

   This puzzle is popular - don't wait to explore it or
   there won't be any empty slots when you get there!


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