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Volume 1, Number 3

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     21 October 1996                          Vol. 1, No. 3

   Magic Squares & Stars | Cooperative Learning | Math Software




   In summer 1996 the Math Forum began featuring a group of 
   Web pages on MAGIC SQUARES by Forum Teacher Associate 
   Suzanne Alejandre. Initially designed as a series of lesson 
   plans for middle- and high-schoolers, the area soon attracted 
   the attention of others who share this interest, and has 
   expanded into higher math with contributions from Allan
   Adler ("Where's the Math?") and Neil Abrahams ("The 
   Franklin Square"). You can find out what magic squares are 
   and how to make them yourself at:

   This week we add Prof. Mutsumi Suzuki's pages on MAGIC
   STARS - what they are, and what transformations and
   rotations can be applied to make more of these interesting
   and little-known math puzzles.



   Do you sometimes have trouble finding what you want on 
   the Web?

   For issues related to math and education, we suggest you start 
   with the Math Forum searcher, found in the bottom menu bar 
   of almost any page on our site:

   Try entering the words COOPERATIVE LEARNING in the keyword 
   space, select the radio button for 'that exact phrase', and 
   submit your search.   

   You'll find hands-on cooperative math learning activities,
   discussions of pedagogical approaches, a unit for cooperative 
   learning across the K-5 integrated curriculum, excerpts and
   abstracts of presentations given at the joint math meetings in 
   Orlando in January and the NCTM meetings in San Diego in April,
   and a discussion from our newsgroup archives.  

       (You may also notice as you browse that other good 
         keywords to use in searching for information on this 
         subject might be GROUP LEARNING and CONSTRUCTIVISM.)

   But don't stop there - from the bottom of the page of items 
   returned by your initial search, you can now send the same or 
   modified keywords to another searcher simply by selecting one 
   of the following links: 

   Math: Eisenhower Clearinghouse || Math Archives || MathSearch
   General: AltaVista || MetaCrawler || Yahoo || DejaNews 
     If it's math, let us help you find it on the Internet!



   I desperately need to find a program for ALGEBRA II or 
   higher for the MAC.  Can you help me locate one?

                       .::.  .::.  .::.

   Your best bet for finding software is to look at one or
   more of the following sites:

   UTK Math Archives: 
     A collection of software, abstracts and reviews focused 
     on indexing what's on the Internet.

   Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) Resource Finder
     A searchable catalog of curriculum resources particularly
     useful for print resources and multimedia.

   HyperArchive (Info-Mac)
     Downloadable science and math shareware sorted by name
     or by date, with direct links to the source.

   K-12 Mathematics Lessons and Software Database
     Lessons in mathematics all of which must use the Internet 
     in some way, and programs related to teaching mathematics.

                       .::.  .::.  .::.

     Or consult these specific programs and companies:

     Key Curriculum Press         SimCalc

     MathSoft                     Mathematica

              - Hope this helps - good luck! -


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