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Volume 10, Number 10

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7 March 2005                                  Vol. 10, No. 10


                     Math Forum Discussions
 Questions and Answers About Our New Discussion Area | Pi Day

                    MATH FORUM DISCUSSIONS


  We're pleased to announce our new, improved discussion area.
  We've added many popular features, and powered it all with a
  database for greater speed and flexibility.

  Now you can

    - see discussions organized into categories such as
        "Education" and "Software"
    - look up individual discussants and see what they have
    - get alerts of posts ("watches") from the discussants or
        discussions you select
    - post attachments over the web
    - format and spell-check before posting online
    - edit your own post if no one else has replied to it yet
    - use your own personal Control Panel to choose how many
        discussion threads to list on one page, show you the
        messages you've written ("watches"), display or hide
        your e-mail address, and much more
    - get a feed of updates using Really Simple Syndication (RSS),
        a time-saving, automated way to collect only the news you
        want over the web (for a primer on RSS, we recommend
        Lee LeFever's blog post "RSS Described in Plain English,"

  In particular, we've made our search engine much more robust,
  ready to quickly slice through decades and gigabytes of
  discussion posts to find not just keywords, but the keywords
  that a specific author wrote during a date range within a
  given discussion, or across a category of related discussions,
  or over all discussions:!default.jspa?advanced=true

  This new advanced search lets you look for any combination of

    - keywords
    - discussants
    - dates
    - categories and subcategories of discussions

  More search tips




  Q. I participate by e-mail with my subscription to a mailing
     list. How does this new web interface affect me?

  A. It doesn't. You will still get the group's messages in
     your in-box, and post directly to other subscribers by
     e-mail. But if you want to refer to an archive of past
     conversations, or peek at what's happening in a related
     discussion, check out the spiffy new site -- searchable by
     participant, date range, category of discussion, and more.

  Q. I don't want to log in to send messages. Can I still post

  A. We ask only for a valid e-mail address. You control what
     parts of your profile other people get to see -- including
     your e-mail address. Think of it as anonymity that belongs
     only to you.

  The new discussion area includes an archive of this
  newsletter. We invite you to browse or search past issues of
  Math Forum Internet News.

  The Forum never sells or rents your name, address, or other
  information to third parties for any purpose. To learn more
  about how we protect your privacy, please read our Privacy

  Now, we have a question for you: Have you posted to any Math
  Forum discussions before?

  If so, we have already reserved an account for you. Please 
  reset your password by following this link:!default.jspa


  The Forum began in 1992 with funding from the National
  Science Foundation as an online center for discussing math
  education. From that emphasis on building online community,
  we've grown to offer many more services and resources; and
  today, thanks to Drexel University, we're proud to continue
  supporting our communities with this new discussion area.


                            PI DAY

  From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to a
  frequently asked question: What are some activities I can use
  for a Pi Day celebration on March 14 (3.14)?

  Suggestions include archived T2T conversations on the subject,
  Problems of the Week, Ask Dr. Math resources, literature
  connections, and links to relevant Web sites.

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