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Volume 10, Number 15

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April 11 2005                                 Vol. 10, No. 15

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                    Smart Skies FlyBy Math



  Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) will lose its U.S.
  Department of Education funding at the end of September, 2005.
  To keep their resources available to the public they are
  starting a subscription service. Subscribe your school by
  June 1, 2005 for $299, a $50 savings on the regular cost.

  Visit ENC Online for a preview of what will offer.


  Features include:

    - Classroom Calendar
    - Digital Dozen
    - ENC Focus
    - Lessons & Activities
    - Ask ENC
    - Web Links
    - Curriculum Resources
    - Education Topics
    - Professional Development
    - Resource of the Day
    - New from ENC


                     PAPER CUP MATHEMATICS

  In this classroom activity, a PCMI Resource for Teachers,
  students investigate whether paper cups roll out the pattern
  of an annulus:

    - How can you tell?
    - How do the dimensions of the cup relate to the
        dimensions of the annulus?
    - Can you predict the annulus' dimensions from those of
        the cup?

  The lesson uses compass and paper activities as well as
  Geometer's Sketchpad. See student worksheets on the web, or
  download them in PDF format.

  View other PCMI Resources for Teachers:

  PCMI is an outreach program of the School of Mathematics
  at the Institute for Advanced Study. Geometry is the theme
  of one of six working groups meeting this summer in July.
  For more information on the program, view the
  PCMI @ MathForum site:



                     SMART SKIES FLYBY MATH

  FlyBy Math brings interactive real-life mathematics
  applications to grades 5-9 with a series of six Air Traffic
  Control problems. Using FlyBy Math, students learn to predict
  air traffic conflicts using distance, rate, and time

  Students assume the roles of pilots, air traffic controllers,
  and NASA scientists to conduct an experiment and to use
  guided paper-and-pencil activities to determine the number
  of seconds it takes each plane to travel a given distance
  along a jet route. Teachers can assign a variety of
  mathematics problem-solving methods ranging from counting
  to plotting points to graphing a system of linear equations.

  The instructional materials include:
    - Educator Guide
    - Video clips to introduce air traffic control
    - Teacher Guides including answer sheets, student
        workbooks, and optional pre- and post-tests.

  All FlyBy Math materials are free and available to download
  from the FlyBy Math Web site, funded by NASA's Airspace
  Systems Program and the Ames Research Center.

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