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Volume 10, Number 16

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April 18 2005                                 Vol. 10, No. 16


    Special End-of-Year Offer: Math Forum Teacher Membership
     CAUSEweb | NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

                 SPECIAL END-OF-YEAR OFFER:


  It was fun meeting some of you in person at the NCTM Annual
  Meeting last week in Anaheim, California. Thank you for
  filling the seats at our talks, visiting the Math Forum
  booth by the hundreds, and telling us you really appreciate
  the rubrics we provide to score your students' submissions
  to the Problems of the Week.

  To celebrate, we're making the "best $20 I ever spent" go
  even further, extending our special NCTM Conference offer
  to all. Purchase a Teacher Membership now, and it's good
  through August, 2006. That covers the rest of this spring,
  the summer, plus all of the coming academic year.

  A $20 Teacher Membership supports the Math Forum's overall
  work, and gives you:

    - unrestricted access to the Active Problem Library of
      over 800 non-routine, open-ended problems in elementary
      mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry, all
      organized by level, topic, and difficulty

    - an account to monitor online work by students as they
      develop problem-solving and communication skills

    - access to organized online materials and activities
      such as answer checks, highlighted solutions,
      and commentary

  Renewal memberships for current teacher and student members
  cost only $10.

                     TEACHER SUPPORT PAGES

  Many problems in the Active Problem Library also feature
  Teacher Support pages, which outline the concepts involved
  in a PoW and provide connections to Standards and related
  problems. For a free sample of a Teacher Support page, visit:

  A Teacher Support page also accompanies each of the four
  current PoWs, available every other Thursday with a problem
  when it comes up for preview.

  For a list of all problems that have accompanying Teacher
  Support pages, please visit the following link. (Viewing the
  actual pages themselves requires a membership.)





  The Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Education
  is a national organization whose mission is to support and
  advance undergraduate statistics education.

  Areas of the site include:

    - Resources
        Lecture Samples
        Teaching Tips
        Analysis Tools
        Building Blocks
    - Professional Development
        Participant Guide
        Presenter Guide
        Job Notices
    - Research
        Research Mission
        Getting Started
        Readings & Publications
        Literature Index
        Doctoral Dissertations
        Working Groups & Projects

  CAUSE also coordinates, develops, and disseminates
  opportunities, programs, and workshops for teachers and
  others involved in statistics education projects and
  initiatives, present and future; establishes and promotes
  communication and collaborations among statistics educators,
  as well as with other professional organizations and
  disciplines that are concerned with undergraduate statistics




  The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) High
  School Financial Planning Program was initiated in 1984 as a
  public service to increase the financial literacy of
  America's youth.

  The six-unit program provides teens with a greater
  understanding of and ability to manage their personal
  finances in the areas of goal setting, budgeting, and saving.
  The program uses unique games, simulations, case studies, and
  interactive exercises to provide hands-on experience for
  students to test and apply the financial principles and
  concepts being taught.

  The site, which requires Macromedia Flash Player, includes
  these sections:

    - Unit 1: Financial Planning: Your Roadmap
    - Unit 2: Career: Labor You Love
    - Unit 3: Budget: Don't Go Broke!
    - Unit 4: Savings and Investments: Your Money at Work
    - Unit 5: Credit: Buy Now, Pay Later
    - Unit 6: Insurance: Your Protection
    - National Standards, Learning Objectives, Criteria
    - Glossary
    - Resources
    - Search
    - Training
    - Personal Finance Portfolio

  The NEFE High School Financial Planning Program Web Portal
  has been developed in collaboration with InCharge Education
  Foundation, Inc., a national non-profit organization
  specializing in personal finance education and research.


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