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Volume 10, Number 2

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10 January 2005                                   Vol. 10, No. 2


              Portion Distortion | Innovate | Sudoku

                       PORTION DISTORTION


  How do the portions served in today's fast food restaurants
  compare to those available 20 years ago? Take the "Portion
  Distortion" quizzes to learn exactly how much portions have
  "super sized," as well as the amount of physical activity
  required to burn off the extra calories provided by today's
  portions. Also, download "Portion Distortion" slides as
  PowerPoint, PDF, or text, and read about the differences
  between portions and servings. This site is part of the
  National Institutes of Health's Obesity Education Initiative.

  In addition, the NIH offers a Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator:




  The second issue of the peer-reviewed, bimonthly e-journal
  Innovate includes these articles:

    - Strategies for Using Information Technology to Improve
      Institutional Performance: An Interview with William H.

    - Designing Instructional Articles in Online Courses for
      Adult Learners

    - Beyond PowerPoint: Visual Presentation Tools for Online

    - Incorporating a Rich Media Presentation Format into a
      Lecture-Based Course Structure

    - Escaping the Comparison Trap: Evaluating Online Learning
      on Its Own Terms

    - Guidelines for Establishing Interactivity in Online

    - New Horizons for Learning: An Interview with Dee

  James L. Morrison, Editor-in-Chief, invites you to "do more
  than simply read. Use the journal's one-button features to
  comment on articles, share material with colleagues and
  friends, and participate in Innovate-Live webcasts and
  discussion forums. Join us in exploring the best uses of
  technology to improve the ways we think, learn, and live."

  Innovate is published as a public service by the Fischler
  School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern




  Different from a magic square, this puzzle created by
  Pappocom, aka Wayne Gould, requires no arithmetic, only
  reasoning and logic to deduce which digit to put where. The
  goal is to fill in the 9x9 grid so that every row, every
  column, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits 1
  through 9.

  Links on the site include:

    - Download the Sudoku shareware for the PC
    - Tips
    - Solutions
    - Contest

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