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Volume 10, Number 22

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May 30 2005                                     Vol. 10, No. 22


          MathMem | Fractions and Ratios | Math-A-Thon


  Jim Guinness, Wachusett Regional High School in Massachusetts,
  has compiled a list of mnemonics and similar memory aids that
  help students remember math conventions, algorithms,
  definitions, techniques, and formulas. "Most high school math
  teachers are familiar with using PEMDAS, FOIL, and
  SOH-CAH-TOA in this way. More exotic techniques, like singing
  the quadratic formula, can also be helpful if they suit your
  teaching style ..." Additional contributions for remembering
  math concepts K-12 welcome by e-mail or telephone.



  Answers to a frequently asked question: What are some math
  tricks and mnemonic devices I can use with my students?


                     FRACTIONS AND RATIOS


  Alan Selby has added a new section called Fractions and Ratios
  to his site "Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and
  Reason." This new area "offers a thought-based development of
  fractions, what they are, how to compare, add, multiply and
  divide them."

  Selby organized his pages under these topics:

     1. What is a Fraction
     2. Multiplication I: Unit Fraction of Unit Fraction
     3. Multiplication II: Unit Fraction of a Simple Fraction
     4. Multiplication III: Simple Fraction of a Simple
     5. Equivalent Fractions
     6. Mixed Numbers
     7. Comparison of Fractions
     8. Addition & Subtraction I: Case of Like Denominators
     9. Addition & Subtraction II: Case of Unlike Denominators
    10. Addition & Subtraction III: Efficiency Matters - Use
          of LCD
    11. Multiplication IV: Efficient Ways to Multiply Fractions
    12. Division of Fractions
    13. Two Term Ratios
    14. Implied Ratios
    15. Multiple Ratios

  The earlier site area on solving linear equations visually
  reinforces Selby's concept of fractions and arithmetic
  operations on them, while geometrically introducing algebra.




  Students participating in a Math-A-Thon obtain sponsors and
  earn prizes by completing "funbooks" of math problems such
  as hidden messages, puzzles, and pure arithmetic operations.
  Proceeds from this supplemental math program build an
  endowment fund to ensure St. Jude Children's Research
  Hospital's continued efforts in research and treatment of
  childhood catastrophic diseases such as cancer.

  Open to participation for children in grades K-9 across the
  United States, Math-A-Thon began in the late 1970s. The
  website also offers online games such as Number Blaster and
  puzzles such as Math Squares, E-cards to send, and
  screensavers to download.

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