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Volume 10, Number 23

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June 6 2005                                     Vol. 10, No. 23


       Remote Tool Fest '05 | ESSO Family Math | Statbag

                     REMOTE TOOL FEST '05

  Math Tools will hold a Remote Math and Technology Tool Fest
  June 13 - 17 with the purpose of virtually getting together
  a group of folks to:

    - rate resources
    - submit resources
    - write reviews
    - write stories
    - seed and participate in discussions
    - have virtual presentations of favorite tools and
        interesting math

  We have gathered a group of stakeholders in mathematics,
  education, and technology who enjoy collaborating across
  different school levels and technology interests. As the
  Tool Fest activities begin on Monday, June 13, we hope
  that you will join in the discussions! Watch the Math Tools
  site for updates:


  Last summer's first Tool Fest took place in Philadelphia,
  August 2-6. View the site:


                      ESSO FAMILY MATH

  The Esso Family Math Project is a community-based program for
  families that uses everyday materials and math games to help
  children understand math ideas.

  Concepts used in the real world such as measurement,
  estimation and mental math are sometimes difficult for
  children to grasp during structured classes. Esso Family
  Math provides a means for parents to reinforce everyday
  schooling while encouraging their children to have fun as
  they learn.

  Areas of the site include:

    - What Is Family Math
    - Parental Involvement
    - Site Leaders
    - Coordinators
    - Family Math Resources
    - Resources en Francais
    - Materials Price List
    - Family Math Book Lists
    - Math Games & Puzzles
    - Great Math Websites
    - About Our Research




  Worth Swearingen, a statistics teacher at Aiken High School
  in Aiken, South Carolina, manages Statbag, which he describes
  as "a repository for high school statistics teachers."

  "Statistics is generally presented with the real world as its
  backdrop. It helps when statistics teachers have a broad
  knowledge of subjects outside their primary discipline.

  "To meet the contextual demands of the course, each teacher
  should have a bag of tricks. Teachers spend years developing
  their own favorites. While acknowledging that experience is
  the best teacher, one purpose of this site is to help
  teachers develop their own bag of tricks in less time. Its
  second purpose is give experienced teachers a place to share

  Swearingen invites teachers to participate by uploading
  tests, activities, and presentations to the file repository.


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