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Volume 10, Number 24

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June 13 2005                                     Vol. 10, No. 24


       Summer PoWs | A Su Doku Solver | The Kid's Pages



  The PoWs are officially on vacation, but we'll continue to
  post problems every two weeks and you can still submit
  solutions. However, we will only have a few volunteer
  mentors working, and our responses will otherwise be

  We're working to get ready for a new series of problems at 
  the end of August.

  In the meantime, we've posted a new FunPoW and Algebra PoW.
  The Pre-Algebra PoW and Geometry PoW will have new problems
  starting June 13.  Check the calendar link on each PoW for a full
  summer schedule.


                        A SU DOKU SOLVER


  The London Times newspaper publishes a Su Doku problem each
  day. The goal of a Su Doku problem is to complete the 9x9
  grid so that no number appears more than once in any row or
  column of its 3x3 subgrids.

  View also:

    - FAQ
    - Releases
    - Brain of Britain
    - Library Books
    - Work in Progress
    - App Documentation


                          SUDOKU SOLVER


  Enter known values in the grid and click the "solve" button
  to determine how many solutions exist, if any. Also available
  for sudoku puzzles in three dimensions.


                        THE KID'S PAGES

  Rob Rogoski and Bill Pierson offer online "worksheets," each
  with 30 randomly generated problems in:

    - Addition [five levels]
    - Subtraction [five levels]
    - Multiplication [six levels]
    - Division [nine levels]

  After users have typed their answers and submitted, they are
  given a results page that includes:

    - their name
    - individual answers checked right or wrong
    - overall percentage correct
    - number of correct out of total number of problems


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