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Volume 10, Number 24

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June 20 2005                                     Vol. 10, No. 25


            Deep Impact: Amateur Observers' Program
        | The FunWorks


  Deep Impact is a NASA Discovery mission that will crash into
  comet Tempel 1 in July 2005. According to the California
  Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL),
  "After a voyage of 173 days and 431 million kilometers
  (268 million miles), NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft will get
  up-close and personal with comet Tempel 1 on July 4 (EDT)."

  Continue reading the entire press release JPL here:

  What Will We See?

  Frequently Asked Questions include "Why do scientists want
  to impact a comet?"

  For related K-12 educational resources, including
  mathematical Mission Challenges, visit:


  Mission Challenges

  The Planetary Society, a nonprofit, nongovernmental space
  advocacy group, has other information about the mission,
  and invites entries in the Great Crater Contest:

  Just how big a crater will Deep Impact make on Tempel-1?




  The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has launched
  a new website to provide information for those who are
  considering a career as a mathematics teacher.

  The site includes these sections:

    - Why Be a Math Teacher?
    - How to Become a Math Teacher
    - Why Certified Math Teachers Are in Demand
    - Resources for Math Teachers
    - Steps Students Can Take Right Now


                          THE FUNWORKS


  Are you a teacher looking for real-life examples of how
  people use science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  (STEM) concepts in their careers? Are you an after-school
  program instructor looking for career education resources?
  Are you a counselor, parent or adult of influence looking
  for ways to help motivate and engage a young boy or girl in
  math or science?

  The Career Resources Network project is pleased to announce
  the launch of "The FunWorks," a career exploration digital
  library for middle school youth (ages 11-14 yrs). Designed to
  capture imaginations and direct youth toward careers in STEM,
  the FunWorks is funded by the National Science Foundation as
  part of its National Science Digital Library.

  The FunWorks has been developed by the Gender, Diversities &
  Technology Institute at Education Development Center Inc., in
  collaboration with a youth design team.



      Wednesday, June 22, 2:00 PM, U.S. Eastern Time (ET)

  Receive a guided tour of the site, hear from project staff,
  industry experts and some of the many children who were
  involved in the site's design. To subscribe and receive
  webcast details, please email:


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