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Volume 10, Number 27

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July 4 2005                                    Vol. 10, No. 27


         The Fireworks Applet | Future of Mathematics
                   Levitated | Paper Mosaics

                    THE FIREWORKS APPLET

  What's the 4th of July without a fireworks display? Enjoy
  viewing David O'Brien's applet.


              FUTURE OF MATHEMATICS - Jamie Tubbs


  Jamie Tubbs, a seventh grade mathematics teacher at Verity
  Middle School in Middletown, Ohio, "believes that there
  are new avenues to explore to help children learn
  mathematics. Using certain forms of digital media to enhance
  student understanding of mathematics is a road less traveled
  by mathematics teachers."

  Sections of his site include:

    - Blogs
        Learning Logs
        Math Autobiographies
    - Discussion Forums
        Discussing a Project
        Question & Answer
        Homework Help
        Cooperative Learning
    - Digital Cameras
        Web Pages
        Illustrating Concepts
        Slide Shows
        Real World Examples
    - Spreadsheets
        Charts & Graphs
        Means & Outliers
        Finding Percents
    - Digital Portfolios
        What Is a Portfolio?
        What Is a Blog?
        Portfolio + Blog = Digital Portfolio
        From the Classroom
        Posting Photos with Flickr


                    LEVITATED  - Jared Tarbell


  Jared Tarbell describes his site as "visual poetry and
  science fun narrated in an object oriented graphic

  View the interactive, open source Flash modules, each with a
  title, description, and suggestions for interacting with it.


                 PAPER MOSAICS - Alex Bateman


  Alex Bateman's original site on origami and tessellations
  was first featured in our November 9, 1997, Newsletter. He
  has recently revised his site, and organized it into:

    - Gallery
    - Make Your Own
    - Software
    - Books
    - Links
    - British Origami Society (BOS)


                    TESSELLATION TUTORIALS

  A series of tutorials that teach students how to tessellate
  (somewhat in the style of the art of M.C. Escher) using
  HyperCard for black and white and/or HyperStudio for color,
  ClarisWorks, LogoWriter, templates, or simple straightedge
  and compass.


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