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Volume 10, Number 31

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August 1 2005                                   Vol. 10, No. 31


              Ambleweb: Numeracy Hour | DIG Stats
              Galileo: The Wonders of Mathematics
                    Multicultural Math Fair

                    AMBLEWEB: NUMERACY HOUR

  Ambleside C.E. Primary School, Cumbria, England, offers a
  variety of interactive tools, tests, and games within
  their school site. The Numeracy Hour section includes:

    - Programs Made by Pupils
        Problems? No problem - a multiple choice quiz
        The Fractotron - practice fractions
        Your Number's up! - a four player game
        Function Machines - a number problems program
        The Table Trees - practice times tables
        Callum's Addition Pyramid - an addition game
        The Totally Mental Machine - challenging "real world"
          mental arithmetic problems
    - Tools for Teaching
        Shape, Space, and Angles
        100/Table Square Activities
        Number Sequences and Patterns
        Time - Analogue Clock
        Skills Practice Programs, Games, and Puzzles
    - Interactive Geometry Section
    - Interactive Maths Quizzes

  View also LOGO@Ambleweb:

  Many of the examples in this section are based on MSW LOGO,
  a powerful free version of LOGO. The shareware program
  LOGOSPIN (PC/Windows only) is also available to download
  from their site.


                           DIG STATS


  This site from the Central Virginia Governor's School for
  Science and Technology is a resource for integrating
  statistics and data visualization into mathematics and
  science courses.

  It features activities that conceptually introduce students
  in grades 9-14 to statistical and graphical analysis
  techniques. Technology is used to do the mathematical
  calculations so students can focus on interpreting the
  results and developing a conceptual understanding of the
  statistical and graphical techniques.

  The modules, all with discussions and hands-on activities,
  cover descriptive statistics, inferential statistics,
  two-dimensional graphical analysis, and three-dimensional
  data visualization.

  View a complete list on their Sitemap page:




  Planning a math fair at your school? This site has information
  about problem solving, over 60 different puzzles to use in a
  math fair, and photo displays of math fairs.


    2004 Math Fairs

    2003 Math Fairs


                    MULTICULTURAL MATH FAIR

  During the 1993-1994 school year, the mathematics department
  of Frisbie Middle School, Rialto, California, initiated a
  Multicultural Math Fair. As a resource, Frisbie teachers
  used Addison Wesley's textbook "Multiculturalism in
  Mathematics, Science and Technology: Readings and Activities"
  [ISBN 0-201-29417-6].

  Drawing inspiration from the book's activities, the
  department's nine mathematics teachers wrote directions for
  the students to follow. In developing activities, attention
  was given to the genders, cultures, and continents of the
  mathematicians represented.


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