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Volume 10, Number 38

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September 19 2005                               Vol. 10, No. 38


             Math Cats: Hurricane Math and Writing | NetDay: Speak Up Event 2005



  Wendy Petti has written on her site:

  It can be hard to find words to describe the impact of a
  hurricane like Katrina. Some news reports zero in on one
  person or family to help us feel the impact on a very
  personal level. Some news reports turn to numbers to give us
  a sense of the huge scope of the disaster.

  Numbers can only give us part of the story. But numbers
  combined with stories and descriptions can help us begin to
  grasp the power of a hurricane and what has happened in the
  path of Hurricane Katrina.

  We will be sharing good writings about hurricane math here
  as we receive them. Please join us in researching and
  writing about the math of a hurricane. Here are possible
  writing topics:

    - Hurricane formation and movement
    - The power of hurricanes
    - The power of Hurricane Katrina
    - The scope of Hurricane Katrina
    - The human toll of Hurricane Katrina	
    - Other effects of Hurricane Katrina
    - New Orleans ahead of the storm
    - The actual effect on New Orleans
    - The response to Hurricane Katrina
    - The ripple effects of Hurricane Katrina
    - The personal toll of Hurricane Katrina
    - Other


                  FEMA FOR KIDS: HURRICANES




  Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald, Appalachian State University, and
  Dr. Andrew Nestler, Santa Monica College, have developed
  math activities based on The Simpsons television program.
  They use them " select classes when an episode contains
  significant mathematical content that we would have covered
  in the class anyway, or when it serves some other important
  course goal, such as reducing math anxiety and fostering
  creative thinking." 

  The site is organized under the following categories:

    - Mathematics on The Simpsons
    - Engaging Students with Related Mathematics
    - Select Media Coverage
    - Watching Episodes of The Simpsons


                  NETDAY: SPEAK UP EVENT 2005


  Starting September 15, schools and districts can begin
  registering for NetDay's third annual Speak Up event. Both
  teachers and students are invited to take the online Speak Up
  survey to contribute to a national dialogue about technology
  use and needs and the development of 21st century skills.

  The online survey will be open October 21 - November 18, 2005.
  The goal of Speak Up events is both to gather national data
  and to encourage participants to use their data to inform
  local decision-making. NetDay grants schools and districts
  access to their aggregate data through a password-protected
  website to encourage them to consider stakeholder views on
  technology and 21st century skills.

  Past participants have used their data to inform technology
  decisions and purchases, to learn how to best provide
  instruction to today's tech-savvy students, to plan for
  teacher training, and to stimulate discussion about key
  technology issues in their communities. Speak Up data
  contributed to the U.S. Department of Education's "National
  Education Technology Plan" and the "Visions 2020.2 Student
  Voices" joint report with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

  See both the plan and the report at



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