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Volume 10, Number 40

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October 3 2005                               Vol. 10, No. 40


               Teacher2Teacher FAQ: Metric Week
          MathSongs | Developer's Guide to Excelets


  As students start to understand the structure of the base 10
  number system, it is important to provide opportunities for
  them to apply what they have learned.

  During the week of October 10 (i.e., 10/10) classrooms can
  participate in "Metric Week" by investigating measurement,
  measurement systems, place value, and decimals using
  real-world contexts.

  If you are looking for some ways to celebrate math in your
  math class, introduce or reinforce the metric system, or if
  you would like to suggest some school-wide thematic
  activities, you are certain to find ideas on this page to
  help you design a Metric Week that students will enjoy.



  Vicki Young, Motlow State Community College in Lynchburg,
  Tennessee, uses math songs and poems to motivate her
  mathematics students. Young writes, "My students get used to
  their crazy singing teacher and sometimes I can even get them
  to sing along! If you have RealPlayer on your computer, you
  should be able to hear me sing an a cappella version of each



  Scott Sinex, Prince George's Community College, Largo,
  Maryland, provides information on creating Excelets. Excelets
  are interactive Excel spreadsheets or simulations of
  mathematical models. The user changes a variable and the
  spreadsheet changes in numerical, graphical, and/or even
  symbolic form (equations).

  Examples include:

    - interactive features tour
    - flipping pennies
    - fractions
    - radioactive decay
    - derivatives
    - ideal gas law

  Sinex also provides the guide "Using Excel for Handling,
  Graphing, and Analyzing Scientific Data: A Resource for
  Science and Mathematics Students."

  Download the PDF here:


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