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Volume 10, Number 41

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October 10 2005                               Vol. 10, No. 41

       FunPoW: Free Mentoring Opportunity | Reflections
      Technology Problems of the Week (tPoWs) in Spanish



  Mentors from the University of Victoria are offering free
  mentoring for the next Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week.
  "Victoria in Bloom" will be active October 10 through 23.
  Please have your students submit solutions.

  If your students receive replies from a mentor, encourage
  them to revise. Not only will your students learn more, but
  the mentors will learn as well!

  How to Use Free Mentoring



  The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
  offers Web-based professional development for teachers.

  Start with a lesson plan or reflective question, then
  explore the mathematics and teaching ideas that emerge from
  video clips of actual teachers in real classrooms, from
  samples of their students' work, and from associated
  activities and resources.

  Lessons focus on algebra for grades 3-8 and are organized

    Reflect by Lesson
      - Grade 3: Patterns
      - Grade 4: Variable
      - Grade 5: Tiles
      - Grade 6: Paving
      - Grade 7: Graphs
      - Grace 8: Bridges

    Reflect by Topic
      - Tasks
      - Discourse
      - Student Learning
      - Teaching Decisions
      - The Mathematics




  We are excited to announce that we are translating all eleven
  of our current Technology Problems of the Week (tPoWs) into
  Spanish. This is the first group that we have ready:

  Cuadros en un Cuadro (Squares in a Square)

  El Proyecto de un Millon de Centavos (A Million Penny Project)

  Intercambio Galactico II (Galactic Exchange)

  Miranda y el Principiante (Miranda and the Rookie)

  Monedas Falsas (Counterfeit Coins)

  Puesto de Globos (Balloon Booths)

  Trafico Apretado (Traffic Jam)

  Students are invited to use the link "Submit your answer" to
  share their solutions, and then "self-mentor" using specially
  designed hints, checks, and suggestions for extensions.

  All of our tPoWs are cataloged in Math Tools, a community
  library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support
  materials for teaching and learning mathematics.


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