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Volume 10, Number 45

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November 7 2005                               Vol. 10, No. 45


           The Library of Math | Math TV | 5 Numbers

                     THE LIBRARY OF MATH


  The  Library of Math website was designed by David Andrew
  Smith, The University of Texas at Artlington, to be a 
  "browser-quiet" place -- easy to navigate, and 
  self-contained -- suitable for those of any skill level to 
  come and learn and eventually become experts. Dedicated 
  to serving the world's need for mathematical education, the
  Library of Math and its database of mathematical information 
  are free for the public to browse and learn from.

  Topics include:

    - Business Algebra
    - Business Calculus
    - Calculus I
    - Calculus III
    - Euclidean Geometry
    - Financial Mathematics
    - Group Theory
    - Trigonometry

  Read more about the development of the site's articles and
  how to use them:



                           MATH TV


  Math TV is a learning project for middle school students that 
  covers the topics of:

    - whole numbers
    - fractions
    - percentages
    - ratios
    - probability
    - algebra
    - geometry

  Each week, Math TV posts a Flash movie of a new math problem.
  Follow along as the main character, IQ ("Infinity Quick"),
  introduces the problem and works through its solution, step
  by step; then work an interactive word problem similar to
  the one you've just watched in the online video. The practice
  area on the site has a calculator and notepad for testing
  ideas or making a drawing.

  Students are invited to send their own challenging math word
  problems to IQ for possible inclusion on Math TV:


  Use the "Roll 'Em" link to view the archive of previous



                          5 NUMBERS
  On their website, the BBC has archived Simon Singh's quirky 
  radio broadcasts on:

    - Zero
    - Pi
    - The Golden Ratio
    - The Imaginary ''
    - Infinity

  BBC Radio 4 broadcasted two follow-up radio series by Singh, 
  and one more by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy:

    - Another 5 Numbers
    - A Further 5 Numbers
    - 5 Shapes

  Listen to the broadcasts, download the audio files, and read 
  the accompanying illustrated articles online.

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