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Volume 10, Number 49

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December 5 2005                               Vol. 10, No. 49


         KaleidoTile 3.0 for Windows | NASA Education
            Connecting Geometry | The Geometry Pages

                  KALEIDOTILE 3.0 FOR WINDOWS

  Jeff Weeks has announced the release of a new Windows
  version of KaleidoTile. Weeks explains that "... on the
  outside, it's got an improved user interface. On the inside,
  it's been completely rewritten using OpenGL to make full use
  of recent computers' 3D graphics capabilities and to pave
  the way for a MacOS X version to follow in 2006-2007."

  KaleidoTile is intended mainly for grades 9-12, but has also
  found use in college and university geometry courses, for
  studying symmetry groups; and in middle schools, for
  introducing symmetry through art.

  A new option in KaleidoTile 3.0 lets students view the
  reflected and non-reflected parts of the tiling separately,
  for a better understanding of symmetry groups and chirality.
  KaleidoTile comes with a set of questions on tilings and
  symmetry for small group investigation or individual study,
  along with a technical FAQ.


                        NASA EDUCATION


  The two main goals of NASA's education program are to
  "inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in science,
  technology, engineering, and mathematics" by supporting
  education in the Nation's schools; and to "engage the public
  in shaping and sharing the experience of exploration and
  discovery" by supporting informal education and public
  outreach efforts.

  NASA's commitment to education places special emphasis on
  these goals by

    - increasing elementary and secondary education
      participation in NASA programs

    - enhancing higher education capability in science,
      technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)

    - increasing participation by underrepresented and
      under-served communities

    - expanding e-Education

    - expanding NASA's participation with the informal
      education community


                    NASA EXPLORER SCHOOLS

  Each spring, NASA establishes a three-year partnership with
  50 new NASA Explorer School teams, consisting of teachers
  and education administrators from diverse communities
  across the country.

  NASA invites the selected teams to work with education
  specialists from NASA Centers in an effort to spark
  innovative science and mathematics instruction for students
  in grades 4 through 9. While partnered with NASA, NASA
  Explorer School teams will acquire new teaching resources
  and technology tools using NASA's unique content, experts
  and other resources -- to provide exciting learning
  experiences science, mathematics and technology for students.

  The deadline to submit an on-line application for NASA
  Explorer Schools is January 31, 2006.


                      CONNECTING GEOMETRY

  Cathi Sanders wrote a series of pages to help her students
  "... discover geometry and its many connections with the
  world, in science, art, navigation, and architecture...."

  Sanders recently retired from teaching at Punahou School,
  Honolulu, Hawaii.

  Her pages include:

    - Chapters
    - Projects
    - The Teacher
    - Navigating the Net
    - Extra Credit Projects
    - Student Work


                     THE GEOMETRY PAGES

  Sanders' love of geometry comes through on these additional
  pages that she created while teaching at Punahou.

    History, Elements of Geometry, Polygons, Tessellations

    Large & Small Numbers, Probability, Scientific Notation

    Circle, Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola, Other Curves

    Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, 3D Drawing

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