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Volume 10, Number 51

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December 19 2005                               Vol. 10, No. 51


         HyperGami and JavaGami | The Science Explorer       
          Coin Flip for Ben Franklin's 300th Birthday

  T^3 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE * February 24-26 2006 * Denver CO
  Come to the Mile High City and experience what K-College math
  and science teachers say is the best conference to attend.
  Whether it's your first year in the classroom or you're a
  seasoned veteran using TI technologies, you'll have a tough
  time choosing from the 400+ sessions.

                     HYPERGAMI AND JAVAGAMI

  HyperGami and JavaGami, created by Ann and Mike Eisenberg,
  are software environments for designing and building paper

  Choose from a number of starting polyhedra, which appear in
  a 3D window alongside a corresponding "folding net" in a
  2D window. Employ both built-in features and the embedded
  programming language to customize the polyhedron, stretching
  or shrinking the polyhedron along its axes, truncating it at
  vertices, or adding pyramidal caps to faces. After the user
  customizes the new shape, the software attempts to generate
  a folding net for it, and offers a variety of paint tools to
  decorate the folding net.

  Links to resources include:

    - Polyhedral Playground
        Polyhedron Alphabet Book
        Pirate Finger Puppet
        Wireframe Polyhedra
        Paint and Print the Platonic Solids
    - Sculpture Gallery
        Polyhedral Sculpture
        Work by Kids
        Beyond Paper
    - Publications, Research, and Grants
    - Download the Software
         Windows, Mac (OS X), Mac (OS 9)
    - Software FAQs

                   THE SCIENCE EXPLORER

  The Exploratorium offers a variety of Science Explorer
  activities from their books of family experiments. Each
  illustrated web page displaying the activity includes the

    - What Do I Need?
    - What Do I Do?
    - Wow! I Didn't Know That!
    - What's Going On?




  The Franklin Institute Online invites students around the
  world to help commemorate Ben Franklin's 300th birthday on
  January 17, 2006, by participating in a common scientific

  Links on the page include:

    - Practice Worksheet (in PDF format)
    - Results of Student Trials
    - Links to other educational resources about coins and

  View more information about the Benjamin Franklin


                       ASK DR. MATH

  The Math Forum's Ask Dr. Math service has helped many
  students understand the mathematics of probability:

  FAQ: Introduction to Probability

  FAQ: Probability in the Real World

  Selected Answers: Coin Flipping

  Selected Answers: Odds vs. Probability

  Middle School Archive: Probability

  High School Archive: Probability

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