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Volume 10, Number 52

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December 26 2005                               Vol. 10, No. 52


        Our New Home Page | The Maths Teacher's Toolkit
            DIMACS Bio-Math Connect Institute 2006

  T^3 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE * February 24-26 2006 * Denver CO
  Come to the Mile High City and experience what K-College math
  and science teachers say is the best conference to attend.
  Whether it's your first year in the classroom or you're a
  seasoned veteran using TI technologies, you'll have a tough
  time choosing from the 400+ sessions.

                     OUR NEW HOME PAGE


  On Tuesday, December 20, we unveiled our new home page!

  Featuring a slideshow that depicts students of Georgetown
  Day School, this collaboration with J Street Consulting
  answers your calls for a more functional, visually
  attractive, mathematically oriented welcome to the Math
  Forum site.

  The re-design also lets you search right from the home
  page, and learn more about sustaining our work through
  institutional sponsorship.

  Learn how to become a Math Forum sponsor (downloads a PDF)

  We still offer a text-only version of the page, linked from
  the lower right-hand corner:

  We invite you to provide us with feedback:



  Crick Elementary School in Crick, Northampton, England, has
  compiled these Macromedia Flash resources to support whole
  class teaching and learning in their school:

    - Place Value Calculator
    - Screen Calculator
    - Virtual HTU Place Value Cards
    - Hundred Square
    - Tables Tester
    - 12 Hour Clock
    - Counter
    - 24 Hour Clock
    - Double Dutch
    - Doubles Tester
    - Sequences
    - 10 Digit Number Line




  The DIMACS Bio-Math Connect Institute 2006 will be held at
  Colorado Institute of Technology in Broomfield, Colorado,
  July 16-28. Topics related to biology and mathematics for
  high school classrooms will be discussed. Materials, hotel
  rooms, meals, and a modest stipend will be provided.

  Priority will be given to applications received by
  January 16, however, applications will be accepted until
  March 1, or until all slots are filled.

  Program description:



  Are you hosting a mathematics education conference? Please
  let us know and we will be happy to add it to our listing.

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