April 28, 2006
Volume 11 No. 17

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Dice World Cup Semi Finals

Logo in Mathematics Education

NCSSM Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


Dice World Cup Semi Finals


Warm up for this summer's World Cup of soccer by playing the dice world cup. In this event you run a simulation of the dice world cup semi-finals between four unusual dice and try to calculate the winning probability for each die.

Which die is most likely to win if all the possible semi-finals are equally probable?

A 95K Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the simulation is available for download.

The Probabilistic Learning Activities Network focuses on using methods of probability to solve counter-intuitive problems and deepen students' understanding and competence in the domain. There are over 30 other probability simulations on this site, along with ideas on how to use them in the classroom.

View these additional areas of the site:

  • Planetqhe and the IB
  • Random Behaviour
  • Experimental vs Theoretical Probabilities
  • Compound Events
  • Expectations and Distributions
  • Distributions and Hypotheses
  • Probability in the Real World
  • Probability Store
  • Teacher Support
  • Technology Support

Logo in Mathematics Education


After speaking about Logo at the annual meeting of the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Don Beaty created this companion site.

Sections include:

  • What is Logo?
  • Why use Logo?
  • Logo Links
  • Download Free Logo
  • Mathematics: Introduction
  • IL Learning Goals
  • Math/Logo Lessons

NCSSM Department of Mathematics and Computer Science


The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) provides learning materials for teachers and students that include resources on algebra, advanced functions and mathematical modeling.

Sections of the side include:

  • Materials for NCSSM Students
  • Information for Prospective Students
  • Problems of the Week and Super Problems
  • Statistics Institutes
  • Workshops
  • Math Contests and Problems of the Week
  • Other Math and Computer Science Links
  • Opportunities for Students


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