May 26, 2006
Volume 11 No. 21

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Our Winners

FunPoW: Free Mentoring Opportunity

Summer PoWs

The Journal of Mathematics and Culture


Our Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Math Forum @ Drexel's drawings. Thank you to all of the participants who entered our contests at the NCSM Annual Conference and the NCTM Annual Meeting in St. Louis.

FunPoW: Free Mentoring Opportunity

Mentors from Western Oregon University are offering free mentoring for the current and also the next Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week.

"Sundaes" is active through Sunday, May 28.

"Pirate Treasure" will be active Monday, May 29 through Sunday, June 11.

Please have your students submit solutions. If your students receive replies from a mentor, encourage them to revise. Not only will your students learn more, but the mentors will learn as well!

PoWs in the Classroom
Some suggestions of how to use Problems of the Week in a mathematics classroom.
How to Use Free Mentoring
Help your students make the most of the mentoring experience.
How FunPoW Submissions are Scored
What's important in a PoW solution? What are the different elements of problem solving that are considered? What does a clear and complete solution look like?
The Math Fundamentals PoW Scoring Rubric for Students
This PDF describes for students how they, themselves, can begin recognizing their expertise at problem-solving and communication.
Trial Class Account
Free 21 day access to Current Problems of the Week and the Active Problem Library.

Summer Problems of the Week

From June through August, we'll continue to post problems every two weeks; and members may still submit solutions. So we encourage teachers with class, school, or district subscriptions to take this opportunity to have their students do math all summer. Design and assign summer projects using the Current Problems or from a selection from the Active Problem Library.

We will have only a few volunteers doing mentoring; and our responses will otherwise be scaled back as we get ready for a new series of problems at the end of August.

The Pre-Algebra PoW and Geometry PoW will post new summer problems starting June 5. Math Fundamentals and Algebra summer PoWs will debut on June 12. Check the calendar link on each PoW page for a full summer schedule.

The Journal of Mathematics and Culture

Tod L. Shockey, University of Maine, and Fredrick "Rick" Silverman, University of Northern Colorado, have recently announced that the peer-reviewed Journal of Mathematics and Culture (JMC) is now available online.

Sections of the site include:

  • Current Issue - Volume 1, Number 1 (May 2006)
  • About the Journal
  • Submission Guidelines
  • Editorial Board

The North American Study Group on Ethnomathematics (NASGEm) sponsors The Journal of Mathematics and Culture.


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