December 22, 2006
Volume 11 No. 51

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PNC - The Total Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas

The Math Page

Leonardo da Vinci


PNC - The Total Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas

PNC calculates the Christmas Price Index each year as a fun, lighthearted way to look at the increasing cost of goods and services in the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

This holiday season, "true loves" would pay more for all 364 items than ever before -- $75,122, up from $72,608 in 2005. This 3.5 percent increase is substantially less than last year's 9.5 percent increase.

Areas of their site:

  • 2006 Christmas Price Index Q&A
  • Broadcast Quality B-roll Footage
  • Press Release
  • Downloads
  • Materials for Educators

The Math Page

Since Lawrence Spector's site was first featured in this newsletter in April, 2002, he has added several new sections. The topics covered by Spector now include:

  • Skill in Arithmetic
  • Plane Geometry
  • Skill in Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Precalculus
  • An Approach to Calculus
  • The Evolution of the Real Numbers

Leonardo da Vinci

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has created a website to accompany the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. If you're not going to be in London before the exhibit closes, on 7 January, consider visiting virtually.

The site offers:

  • Exhibition Themes
            The Mind's Eye
            The Lesser and Greater Worlds
            Making Things
  • Exhibition Plan
  • Leonardo's Life
  • Leonardo's Notebooks
  • Animated Illustrations
  • Forster Codices
  • Canal Challenge
  • Competition
  • Send An E-Card
  • Events
  • Shop


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