February 17, 2006
Volume 11 No. 7

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FunPoW: Free Mentoring Opportunity

Mathematics Research Projects

Discover TI Neighborhood Workshops


FunPoW: Free Mentoring Opportunity


Mentors from Western Oregon University are offering free mentoring for the next Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week. "Sports Weigh In" will be active February 20 through March 5. Please have your students submit solutions.

If your students receive replies from a mentor, encourage them to revise. Not only will your students learn more, but the mentors will learn as well!

How to Use Free Mentoring
Help your students make the most of the mentoring experience.

Trial Class Account
Free 21 day access to Current Problems of the Week and the Active Problem Library.

Mathematics Research Projects


Joseph Malkevitch, Department of Mathematics and Computing, York College, CUNY, links to a collection of open problems designed for use by middle school, high school, and undergraduate students.

Malkevitch explains that "the purpose of the projects is to call the attention of students who might have an interest in working on their own to mathematics projects in areas that have not been as 'heavily mined' as some other topics that have served for such investigations in the past.

"In many cases the answers to some (or all) of the questions posed as part of these projects are already known. However, it is common for students who work on projects of this type to see new issues that may not have been answered in the past. This is how mathematics grows and evolves."

See also the Projects Glossary:


Discover TI Neighborhood Workshops


The free Discover TI Neighborhood Workshop provides a hands-on beginner's introduction to TI graphing technology. There will be 25 workshops throughout the United States. There is a choice of six different topics that appeal to middle school and high school teachers in math and science and administrators.

The topics include:

High School Math: Getting Started with TI Graphing Calculators in Algebra I
Discover how to make learning and understanding algebra engaging with graphing calculators.
High School Math: Try a New Angle on Geometry with Cabri Jr.
This hands-on workshop shows teachers how graphing calculators can help students understand complex geometry concepts in an interactive and visual way.
High School Math: Introduction to TI-Navigator
Teachers learn how the TI-Navigator classroom learning system can better assess their students' progress and understanding.
Middle Grades: Getting Started with TI-73 Explorer
Middle grade math and science teachers learn techniques to engage students using graphing calculator technology designed just for grades 6-8.
High School Science: Getting Started with Data Collection
During this hands-on workshop, science teachers have the opportunity to learn ways to engage students with data-collection experiments.
Administrators: Key Strategies to Improve Student Achievement
Administrators have the opportunity to discuss key strategies for improving performance in their schools.

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